Patrick Sharp Leads Chicago Blackhawks Over Detroit

NHL Action

THUNDER BAY – Sports – Exciting NHL Playoff action overnight. Here is the top five highlights from Wednesday’s hockey action featuring the Chicago Blackhawks and Los Angeles Kings.

Thunder Bay‘s Patrick Sharp was the Hawk’s sharpshooter making sure that the Detroit Red Wings hit the golf links early in the seventh game.

Brent Seabrook potted the game winner. Seabrook is not well recognized as a top sniper for the Black Hawks. But Seabrook was on the game on Wednesday.

It was Patrick Sharp who set the tone with a great goal to bring the game into winning position.

Winning Goal a Highlight

English: Patrick Sharp of the Chicago Blackhaw...
English: Patrick Sharp of the Chicago Blackhawks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The goal started with space, probably more space than any defenseman would ever be used to when slugging the disk into the enemy turf.

Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall between him and goaltenderJimmy Howard, Seabrook kept it simple, merely trying to get a shot on net. In wristing the puck towards Howard, Seabrook didn’t just use Kronwall as a screen, but the puck actually hit Kronwall’s skate, causing it to flutter past Howard. Game over: Hawks advance.

“I had a lot of room. I didn’t know what to do with all that room. I just shot it,” Seabrook said after Game 7. “Tried to get it past Kronwall. Anything can happen. I think it went off him and went in, luckily.”

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