Tim Hudak on Gas Plant Scandal

Tim Hudak
Tim Hudak
Tim Hudak
Tim Hudak on Conference call to discuss the budget

QUEEN’S PARK – Tim Hudak and Jim Wilson hosted a conference call this morning to discuss accountability. Wilson is the Simcoe Grey MPP and PC House leader. On Hudak’s radar was the Ontario Gas Plant scandal.

“We have a government that spends beyond its means,” stated Hudak. “We have a McGuinty-Wynne government putting its own interests ahead of the province’s need”.

Liberal Government has slide into corruption

The PC leader says that the Gas Plant Scandal means the Liberals have lost the moral authority to govern. “The Liberals and NDP are joining forces to prevent a vote of confidence,” stated Hudak.

Wilson says, “Clearly Ontarians deserve a voice in how the province is headed”. Wilson says “The NDP calls the government corrupt in the morning in the legislature, and then in the afternoon votes to support the Liberals”.

“Staffers are illegally erasing long streams of emails,” charged Wilson.

Premier Wynne and NDP leader Horwath appear to be working together toward a deal, according to Hudak. “Its about the people of this province,” Hudak commented. “If the NDP prop up this government, the road back will be much longer”.

Wilson questions NDP Leader Horwath

Jim Wilson wondered, “How long can Andrea Horwath look herself in the mirror in the morning?”

The day after the Budget, Hudak started using the term the McGuinty-Wynne Liberal government. Wilson states, “on the gas plant file, Kathleen Wynne was the senior cabinet minister on the process. She has consistently said she didn’t remember things, or dodged questions.”

“At the end of the day both may find themselves in contempt of the legislature”. Wilson asserts that 60% of Ontarians believe the Liberal government is corrupt.

“Looking at the big picture,” Hudak states, “the province is on a path to go off the cliff and we need to hit the brakes and choose another direction”.

“We are losing jobs,” stated Hudak. “Kathleen Wynne is doubling down on the McGuinty legacy. Spending is up, Wynne has chosen to hit the accelerator.”

“Our position, a long standing PC position is gas plants don’t belong in unwilling host communities. It doesn’t matter if they are gas plants, or wind farms,” Hudak continued.

Wilson says, “The Liberals shouldn’t have done this in the first place. It is irresponsible to have said that the Premier didn’t know about the cost”.

“It is irresponsible and cowardly for the Liberals and NDP not to allow the motion of confidence to come to the floor of the legislature,” commented Wilson.

Hudak says “Maybe it will take the sound of jail cells closing behind them to make a difference”. The PC leader says that there growing evidence of illegal activity in the Gas Plant Scandal.

“A government willing to spend a billion dollars to cancel the gas plants, and now another billion to 

“We have seen a hollowing out of manufacturing”, said Hudak, “As a result of losing all these jobs, we don’t need all the power. For the time being subsiding power including wind and solar at up to ten times the cost is beyond me”.

The PC leader states regardless of what happens in the Legislature he will keep fighting for accountability.

“It is not Ontario’s destiny to be mediocre,” said Hudak. 

Hudak is hoping that Andrea Horwath will step up. 

“Wilson says, “I don’t think the pollsters are getting it right, there is a lot of anger out there over the scandals”.

“The poll on the ground that Tim and me face everyday are different”.

“If you believe in the religion of polls, all you have to do is look to Alberta and British Columbia,” commented Hudak.

“IF the NDP decides to prop up a government that has stepped into corruption, it means more job loses,” concluded the PC Leader.

“We will continue to put pressure on this gas plant scandal”.

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