Leaders of Tomorrow Today Conference

Leaders of Tomorrow Today

Leaders of Tomorrow TodayTHUNDER BAY – Leaders of Tomorrow today – The Regional Multicultural Youth Council (RMYC) connects the community’s youth through peer to peer mentoring in order to engage and empower them to make a difference. Their goal is to create the leaders of tomorrow, today.

Leaders of Tomorrow Today Conference

 That is exactly what the council is doing on Thursday, February 21st at the Airlane Hotel and Conference Centre in Thunder Bay, Ontario.           

The group is bringing together all eight high schools from all four boards: Lakehead Public Schools; Catholic; Dennis Franklin Cromarty; and La Verendrye for their Student Diversity Forum.

They are tackling four major issues associated with the participants: homophobia, racism, youth suicide, and discrimination based on appearance. Starting in the morning with participants alternating the four groups and having a forum based discussion.

Then after the keynote speaker Colleen Peters: a registered social worker and published author presents at lunch; the students will start to develop solutions to the problems.

RMYC Leaders of Tomorrow TodayIt is RMYC’s hope that their Student Diversity Forum will bring the schools together, and create a more positive atmosphere to their schools.

Since sports and extracurricular activities were taken out the schools do not seem to have as much school spirit in their hallways.

RMYC hopes to bring back.

In the future the RMYC facilitators have planned to work with the student leaders chosen in their next workshops they have planned: Youth mental heath training.

This will allow for students to help those students targeted by discrimination. They also wish to partner with any youth interested to develop other workshops to train and develop peer leaders. 

Meghan Payment 

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