The Making of a Millionaire: Story of PB Investing’s Entrepreneurial and Trading Success

16-year-old PB Investing has captured the attention of many with his success in stock options trading and entrepreneurship

Who is PB Investing?

16-year-old PB Investing has captured the attention of many with his success in stock options trading and entrepreneurship. While still in high school, he garnered a significant online following by sharing his trading journey, offering free tips, and being transparent about his wins and losses. 

Being so successful at such a young age has made him a household name on Twitter/X. His transparency and humble nature have allowed him to amass 118,000 followers on Twitter/X and 200,000 views on YouTube, and he’s not stopping there. 

His success in the stock market has brought a lot of attention and has led him to become an entrepreneur and founder of one of the biggest trading education platforms and communities in the world

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In this article, you’ll read about how he started trading, the obstacles he had to face, his wins and losses, and lastly, the impact PB has made outside of trading and his mindset. This article will not only inspire you but will make you take action. 

So how does a teenager run a successful business, make thousands trading, and impact others?

Keep reading to find out.

The First Steps

At a young age, PB showed a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit by seeking as many ways as possible to earn an income. Some of these included selling lemonade, working with his dad, and doing minor jobs around his hometown. Everything pivoted when PB discovered online business.

PB started dropshipping, an online business where a store owner buys products wholesale and sells them at a 2x or 3x markup and profits the difference. He quickly learned that selling products online was not for him and was not an avenue to impact others, the thing he so desperately wanted to do.

When PB was 12 years old, his journey took a pivotal turn. While browsing TikTok, he found someone posting about trading. He became so intrigued that he spent a whole night doing a deep dive. By morning, he knew that trading was his passion, and it could be a way to make a real difference in others’ lives, not to mention his own life.

He immediately told his parents of his newfound passion. From that point on, his life consisted of three things: learning to trade, school, and sleep.

And the rest is history.

Humble Beginnings

Shortly after telling his parents, his dad introduced him to his friend, a mentor to PB, who traded penny stocks. His new mentor told him to go on Twitter and follow educational trading accounts to better his trading. This would be the start of PB’s online presence on Twitter/X.

With his limited knowledge and eagerness, he was told by his “mentor” to invest in a specific stock. So PB invested $3000, his whole trading account, with no risk management. Surprisingly, when he checked later, he was up $10,000!

A success? No, he lost the entire $3000 the next day because he did not close the position. 

As he continued exploring the world of trading, PB discovered trading options, a key moment in his journey. He abandoned penny stocks and focused on learning how to trade options.

He began seeking mentors, and he eventually discovered a successful day trader. This mentor taught PB the importance of journaling his trades and finding an edge in the markets. 

And so he journaled every single trade, win or lose. He began discovering which strategies and practices worked for him and made him money.

What sets PB apart is that he is never afraid of improvement. In the beginning stages of his Twitter/X following, PB asked a trader he looked up to a question, and he got an answer that helped improve his trading. PB realized the importance of actively seeking improvement, regardless of others’ opinions.

While most people his age spent their free time on social media, he dedicated every minute to studying and finding his edge in the market. He consistently improved his skill set by spending every waking hour of the day trading or studying.

This dedication and intensity made him profitable after only 1 year and 6 months.

16-year-old PB Investing has captured the attention of many with his success in stock options trading and entrepreneurship

A Young Entrepreneur

PB’s success did not come easy. He spent years crafting his skill set. He made every mistake, jumped over every obstacle, and lost hard-earned money. His experiences shaped his approach to trading and motivated him to share his knowledge.

PB’s passion for trading has led him to become the founder of New Age Trading. He built this company to empower young entrepreneurs. By sharing his lessons, both successes and setbacks, PB hopes to help others build their fulfilling futures. He takes every lesson, every mistake, and every hardship he has ever faced and makes it accessible to everyone. With his company, he expands his resume as a successful options trader and a six-figure entrepreneur.

In just under a year, New Age Trading has become one of the biggest, if not the biggest, communities of successful day traders with hundreds of successful members. At 16 years old, PB is changing lives, giving new views to individuals a few steps ahead of him and leaving wisdom to individuals a few steps behind him.

Fulfillment and Mindset

Driven by his passion for trading, PB actively seeks to empower others. He offers free resources like webinars and trading ideas, aiming to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to navigate the trading landscape. Trading has given PB the ability to affect others and seek fulfillment in the success of the individuals he impacts.

His selfless giving goes beyond his trading community. In December 2023, PB helped lead the kids at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan into a brighter new year with a $2500 donation. Giving back to the people who helped him become the individual he is today. 

PB is the definition of how hard work and perseverance can provide you fulfillment beyond materialistic items.

With his success, he has had to build his mental fortitude to see his trading success as a step in a very long staircase. He recognizes this, and he demonstrates it through his humility and joyous personality, far from greed. In his interview with Ryan Mitchell, he explains how he keeps a $100 bill on his desk to remind him of the value of money and to never disrespect the impact it can make, as it has changed his own life for the better. A testament to his values and the person he is.

Future Focused: Reaching New Heights

Looking ahead, PB’s ambitions extend beyond individual trading success. He envisions scaling his educational platform, New Age Trading, to empower a broader community of aspiring traders. This focus on financial education and empowerment reflects his desire to make a positive impact on as many lives as possible.

PB understands the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in trading. He plans to grow his trading success by dedicating himself to ongoing education and growing his trading capital.

 PB is an investor and entrepreneur at heart, this is why one of his goals for the future is to get into real estate. As his investing in the stock market has allowed him to acquire the capital needed to succeed in real estate investing. He will succeed due to his powerful drive and vision for success in any ventures he pursues in his life

Ultimately, PB’s story serves as an inspiration, demonstrating the potential of dedication, passion, and a desire to empower others. As he embarks on the next chapter of his journey, he dedicates himself to personal growth and impacting the community on a much larger scale.

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