Did you Rocc your Moccs on November 15th?

rocc moccs

rocc moccs

THUNDER BAY – Aboriginal Now – Yesterday, I awoken with beautiful pics of your moccasins on facebook. It was “ROCK YOUR MOCCS” day. For those who do not know, it was showing of solidarity and exhibiting we are still here and make beautiful things. My friends across Turtle Island (North America), posted wonderful pictures of their feet in their moccasins. I loved seeing everyone all over showing their beautiful art works. I view these beautiful articles of outerwear to be an art form. I can assure you it is very difficult and time consuming making a pair.

Rock your mocc day was to show pride in our culture. To quash the idea of the “Vanishing Indian”. So, often there are myths spread that we have lost our language and our culture. That is one way to quell the feelings of being an invader, oppresser and assimilator. To simply state they no longer exist.

I rocked my moccs loud and proud. November 15, 2012, I wore my moccasins everywhere I went. I got some weird looks and others looked very uncomfortable. My fellow Natives, did not even glance a second glance at my footwear.

I was sadly the only in my travels who wore her moccs with pride and dignity. Next year, I hope to see many more mocc rockers out, being loud ‘n proud with their footwear.

Raven Linklater

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