MNR updates on road conditions in Atikokan


Mud Lake Road photo by Britt Berst
Mud Lake Road photo by Britt Berst
ATIKOKAN – The Ministry of Natural Resources in Atikokan has closed the Sapawe-Upsala Road at Km 13. The road is also closed from the north. Due to recent heavy rains, the Seine River has overflowed its banks and has flooded a large section of this road.

Water on the road, washouts, or dangerous driving conditions pose a risk to traveler safety. The public should avoid traveling on unfamiliar roads or crossing any submerged roadbeds. Barricades have been erected at the southern and northern extent of the flooding.

Inquiries or reports of washouts should be reported to the Ministry of Natural Resources office in Atikokan at 807-597-6971.