Saint Urho’s Day Celebration on Bay Street Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada


St Urho's Day in Thunder BayTHUNDER BAY – Special to NNL – Ancient rumors has it that Saint Urho was a retired renegade soldier, wheat whisky inspector, (hated grasshoppers) from one of Caesar’s Roman expeditions to colonize and bring culture of the liquid kind to England, the soldier took took a wrong turn and ended up in what is known as Finland…

He had a brother who did make it to England, looking for two Roman Imperial Senators, the Snake brothers, to give them an escort back to Rome in time to catch the opening of GAMES in Rome, finding them he “drove the Snakes out of Ireland” and then by boat to Rome – We all know him as Saint Patrick.

Unknown to the people of Finland, when he officially arrived was greeted with the words, “You are who ?” Hence the name “U r who”.

Given Sainthood when he changed three barrels good Roman wine into water.

Here a proud descendant, William Victor Roberts in his Finnish Male Choir Outfit, shows the spot where this miracle was often repeated on a daily basis, (until the bar closed down) a few years ago; the flag marks the spot, and that is why The Hoito is known throughout the world.

Caesar J. B. Squitti

Caesar is an author who has published The Jesus Christ Code and operates Squitti’s at the corner of Bay and Secord Streets in Thunder Bay Ontario.