2012 Northern Ontario Mines & Minerals Symposium on February 22- 23, 2012


Ring of FireTHUNDER BAY – The Boreal Prospectors Association (BPA) are proud to announce the 2012 Northern Ontario Mines & Minerals Symposium on February 22- 23, 2012. The symposium, titled “New Rules, New Tools”, will take place in Sioux Lookout; a northern municipality close to regional mineral prospecting and exploration action.

The two-day symposium will increase public understanding of exploration practices and regulatory processes in Ontario, through information workshops and technical presentations. Topics will explore industry trends, government programs and support, a land use planning update, and Aboriginal partnerships. The Ministry of Northern Development, and Mines (MNDM), will also lead a workshop that will highlight the new regulations associated with the revised Ontario Mining Act.

Michael Fox, President of the Boreal Prospectors Association states, “We need to understand the new rules and the proposed tools in today’s mineral exploration industry as the industry itself is currently facing a significant transformation. As partners, we need be more collaborative. The Association links together the interests and voices of individuals, communities, industry and government through constructive dialogue that promotes understanding and respect.”

The Boreal Prospectors Association Symposium will bring together individuals from Municipalities, First Nations, Industry and Government to address the economic development issues facing all prospectors and exploration companies in northern Ontario.

Fox says “Rules had to evolve with the times, but at the same time, we must remember the economic importance of the industry. Prospectors and mining companies should get comfortable with these changes. This Symposium is a venue to ensure the BPA members and Aboriginal communities are given a chance to participate in that process.”

Registrations for the 2012 Northern Ontario Mines & Minerals Symposium are still being accepted for more information go to www.ontarioprospectors.com/boreal