The prophecy says that it will be the Ogichitaa that will bring us out – Shy-Anne


THUNDER BAY – Are your kids always watching music videos? Glued to Youtube to listen to music and watch their favourite bands, singers or rappers? Maybe instead of watching they might like to be in a music video? In Thunder Bay’s growing music and video production scene, there are opportunties to do just that. Shy-Anne shares, “We are shooting another music video for my song Fire. The song is about the Ojibwe prophecy, the 8th Fire, is that mankind is very quickly coming to a point that we will need to choose between material and spiritual way of life. The prophecy says that it will be the Ogichitaa that will bring us out, and they are the Warriors of the Rainbow. The Elders that I have been working with believe it is the children of today that are the Ogichitaa”.

“I wrote the song 4 years ago, and performed it at the 2008 music awards in Winnipeg. Ironically, this has nothing to do with the CBC 8th Fire series. Just the timing… I think they are presenting it as a white man coming to minds with the Aboriginal people,” adds the talented Northern Ontario singer.

“I am taking the angle from what I have learned from my Elders over the last few years,” adds Shy-Anne. “I am shooting the video in March. I need many children of many ages and lots of nationalities. I also want 8 of them in full regalia to represent the 4 colors in the medwewin. I have a male and female child of First Nations decent already, and one from the “white” corner of the mediwewin.

I still need:

– one male from the white corner,
-2 from the black corner (African decent) male and female in their regalia
-2 from the yellow corner (Asian decent) in full regalia male and female

“Then we need lots of kids in regular clothes, from many nations to show up on scene slowly. They will each be carrying a candle. The kids come in the beginning slowly throughtout the video, and by the end of the
video, there are many kids and many candles. Representing the 8th Fire, and the prophecy of the 8th Fire”.

If you or your children are interested, you can visit Shy-anne’s Facebook, or email her at shyanne.leah @

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