Thunder Bay International Airport Damaged in Storm


Airport showing damage Photo from Twitter JamesHill96
THUNDER BAY – News – Reports are coming in that this evening’s storm has caused damage at the Thunder Bay International Airport. Damage to the roof has happened to one of the buildings. Thunder Bay Police are asking people to stay away from the area.

Amy Lawrence Jones states, “Escorted out the side of the airport. I’m pretty sure this is the apocalypse”

James Hill tweeted “Thunder Bay airport its even worse than that picture shows.” Hill has posted pictures online of some of the damage.

Reports are coming in that other than damage to the building, and to about 20 vehicles, there are no major injuries. That information will be confirmed as soon as we get more details.

Sources are reporting to NNL that the front sail at the building has blown off, and is in one of the parking lots. Fire, EMS and Police are on the scene.

More damage at the Thunder Bay Airport

On Twitter, just over an hour ago, “Looks like all the cops and fire trucks are heading towards the airport. What a crazy night #tbay”

Damage is reported to parts of the roof in the main building.

More information will be updated in this breaking news story.

Thunder Bay Hydro reports that 6000 customers on the southside of the city are without power as a result of the storm.

Tree knocked down on Churchill - photo by At0m S0b@d on Twitter

Flights at the Airport according to the website are still arriving and departing.

photo courtesy Michael Nitz

photo courtesy Michael Nitz