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Mass mediaTHUNDER BAY – The media doesn’t own the content, the media is simply a portal to supply information. Our task is not to tell you what to think, or what you should do. As we see it, one of our tasks is to believe in the basic intelligence of you, our reader. In choosing what to cover on there are several levels of decision making in place. First, is it fair? Second, is it something people would want to know? Third, does it help make a difference?

Over the past several years, on our editorial pages we have offered ideas and suggestions. questioned why the City of Thunder Bay Police Service did not offer Crimemapping, for example. Today, crime-mapping is now in place.

Working with Paul Morralee from Morvision, we tested and implemented live-stream broadcasts of City Council meetings as a test on NNL. We also have live-streamed several public meetings on a variety of issues. This has helped break new ground, and helped expand coverage of those meetings, so more people in our community and region can share what is happening.

At we are also unapologetic fans of Thunder Bay.

We support the growth, and changes happening in our community. One of my favourite sayings is “All my hopes and dreams of of the future. I plan on spending the rest of my life living there”.

With change, new ideas, innovation and an embracement of positive ideas and ideals, our community is becoming the “New” Thunder Bay. Editorially, our stance is we support positive change. Our idea is if there is something where we can do better, then, in this amazing community, we can do it.

We also have made a decision that you, our readers are smart enough, and capable enough to make decisions for yourself. That is why we encourage Leader’s Ledgers, and Candidate’s Ledgers from those in office, and those seeking to represent you.

We figure that you can, and should be engaged in discussion with our elected representatives. Those who voters have choosen to represent them are not, in our view, granted a four year reign, but rather granted the opportunity to communicate directly with you, and consult with you. The job of media is to share that with you, and let you, the voter (employer) decide how well your representative (employee) is doing.

Elections are the formal “job review” where you get the opportunity to decide if the person you selected is the right person for the job.

Often is seems some of our elected officials don’t fully understand the change in communications that have happened over the past five years. As my very wise Grandmother used to share, “You’re actions are speaking so loudly, I can’t hear what you are saying”. In other words, that silence represents a solid bridge to the past, and to old ideas. The future is one of greater engagement and greater communications. Demand it.

In terms of what is happening, we tend toward offering you a fairly wide choice of news and information. The choices on what in on NNL on a daily basic are not made by deciding what slant we might want to put on the news, it is on what is happening, and on how it will impact our region.

That is why you will see several stories often through the course of a day that might be on the same issue. We report what is happening, as we get the information. That might mean you see all sides of the issue presented from each side’s point of view. We often deliver that information to you ‘raw’. We trust in your intelligence to comprehend and sift through information.

The media is, in our view, not here to push an agenda on you. We are also aware, however, especially in the ramp up period before an election, that all political parties are going to work to get their viewpoints in front of your eyes. Those press events, announcements, and efforts are, in our view, part of the democratic process. It is not our job to regulate what you will, or will not see, it is your job to decide what information you are getting, and what it means.

The media isn’t ‘Big Brother’.

The role of media is to follow the truth and report on the journey. That is how see our role. Based on the growing readership, it appears many people agree.

James Murray
News Director

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