Apture Hotspots – Imagine a Smarter Internet


expect changeTHUNDER BAY – As we continue to work on the “New” NetNewsledger.com there will be several additions to the site over the course of the summer before the official launch of the completed site this September.

One of the newest features is Apture Hotspots which automatically creates new links (synapses!) to information based on what you, the reader want to know. It works like this: Imagine the web is one big global brain: every page is a neuron (it holds information), and every link is a synapse that connects pages together. Every day we use the web, we make it smarter. When we click a link, we’re thickening and strengthening the connections between two pages. And every time we create a link, we’re teaching the web an idea. And just like the brain, it’s not the pages that make the web powerful, it’s the connections.

Its explained in the Youtube Video: Please watch the video to get better understanding on how to use these new features.