NMEPC Issues Statement on Monday Council Meeting



The Nor’Wester Mountain Escarpment Protection Committee has issued a public statement regarding Monday’s City Council Meeting:

“City Council will be undertaking their Ratifying Vote for the Resolution made last week to finally “seal the deal” with Horizon Wind Inc. to approve Phase 1 of the industrial wind park.

This is NOT a protest but a show of support for Council to RE-CONSIDER the issue and possibly discuss it again before it becomes Ratified.

Keep the pressure on Council to re-think their position and request they hold-off making a decision until we know the full number of turbines, their locations, road access and what the mountain view shed will look like!

All these specifics should have been made available to Council and the public — and taken into careful consideration before their decision was made!! It’s only common sense….so again, we ask all our friends, neighbours and family members to please support us this last time and distribute this notice to everyone everywhere!

See you at City Hall!!”

The group’s website is www.savethenorwesters.com