Ukraine government forces recapture Slaviansk

Hopes are on that the Ukraine peace deal will come to hold a ceasefire

Ukraine Forces on Move

KIEV – INTERNATIONAL – A victory for Ukrainian government forces.

They’ve recaptured a flashpoint area of eastern Ukraine from pro-Russian rebels.

And Ukraine says their flag is flying over Slaviansk once again.

Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council Spokesman Andriy Lysenko states “Last night rebels who got under intense mortar fire from the Ukrainian troops, tried to escape from surrounded Slaviansk. As the result, one tank, two armored vehicles and two armored personnel carriers belonging to terrorists have been destroyed.”

Ukraine officials say that a large number of separatists had fled after sustained fire.

“Reconnaissance units of Ukraine’s Armed Forces and National Guard are operating in Slaviansk. Ukraine’s president gave an order to restore functioning of state institutions in Slaviansk and to raise (Ukraine’s) national flag,” added Lysenko.

Political change is underway in the Ukraine
Political change is underway in the Ukraine