Who Should Replace Erik Ten Hag

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It seems that after his two-year spell at Manchester United, Erik Ten Hag’s time could be up at the club and looking back, if we are being honest, he failed in his time there. A lot of money was spent and it feels like the club regressed. I know some people, including myself, don’t mind United being bad, they are still a legendary club and should always be near the top of the table. They got Ten Hag from Ajax as well as Van De Beek and Antony from the Dutch club too, so my advice for the time being would be to ignore Ajax for a few years. There are a few choices that would be a drastic improvement on Ten Hag and luckily for United, they are all available right now.

Thomas Tuchel

The last 2 years for Thomas Tuchel have been an interesting time for the German with his sudden departure from Chelsea to the weird Bayern Munich decision to sack their manager for Tuchel and now his tenure with Bayern Munich has come to an end after he failed to win the league, but in all fairness, he was up against a team that did the invincibles that weren’t even available on football bets online because of how rare it is. Now with Tuchel free of a job the rumours of United wanting him seem to be one of the favorite things for the media to do and it is a very valid replacement. He has experience in the Premier League and especially in the Champions League, he can handle a dressing room no matter what is happening in it and he offers stability which United don’t have.

Roberto De Zerbi

Someone who would’ve looked like the dream candidate a few months ago could easily be a real candidate now with a shocking exit from Brighton being announced before the last game of the season. Many questions were asked about why he would leave or why they would part ways and some of the answers might come from the recent form they find themselves in and United fans could be scared off by this and that would be a valid reaction if he had been able to have transfer control for the team he wanted to build. This seems to be the issue with Brighton as a whole, they run their club where all the transfers are handled by the owners and not the managers, De Zerbi couldn’t make the transfers he wanted and this probably caused a lot of friction between the manager and Tony Bloom, the owner.

Mauricio Pochettino

Chelsea have decided to carry on being the laughing stock of the Big 6 after finally getting into good form and having the team play good football, they decided to sack Pochettino for what seems like no reason. A really silly and weird choice that could be taken advantage of by United and this feels like it’s the perfect choice. He has only ever been at top clubs and knows how to build a squad and help young players fulfil their potential as he did with Harry Kane and Dele Ali at Tottenham. And this should be the thing that gets United to pick him over the other managers, he can build a project and get the young players that United have and will probably sign and make them world-class players that can be the core of United for years to come.

As we saw from the reaction to Poch getting sacked by the Chelsea players, it is clear they all loved him and trusted him and he clearly had a good effect on the young players that Chelsea have throughout their squad and getting these young players to trust and believe in what you do, is important for any club, especially for Man United.

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