June 1 2024: Northeast Wildfire Update

Wildfire Update

As of early evening on June 1, 2024, there are six active wildfires in the Northeast Fire Region. Two new fires were confirmed on the evening of May 31, and one additional fire was confirmed by early evening on June 1.

Current Active Wildfires

  • Cochrane 8 (COC008): Observed, 35 hectares, located 57.5 km northwest of Moosonee.
  • Sudbury 12 (SUD012): Under control, 0.2 hectares, located northwest of Windy Lake, 4.8 km northwest of Onaping. One FireRanger crew assigned.
  • Kirkland Lake 2 (KLK002): Extinguished, 0.7 hectares, east of Munro Lake, 2.8 km north of Highway 101.
  • Cochrane 7 (COC007): Under control, 0.6 hectares, west of Horseshoe Lake, 13 km southwest of Iroquois Falls.
  • Sudbury 11 (SUD011): Being held, 3.6 hectares, 1.7 km east of Highway 69 and Rural Route 637 intersection between Lovering and Nakara Lakes. Two FireRanger crews assigned.
  • Cochrane 6 (COC006): Not yet under control, 13 hectares, 20 km northwest of Fort Severn off the coast of Hudson Bay. One FireRanger crew and a Coastal Ranger assigned.
  • North Bay 5 (NOR005): Under control, 106 hectares, 3 km southeast of Cobalt.

Fire Hazard Levels

The fire hazard is high across most of the Northeast Fire Region and extreme in areas between Greater Sudbury, Blind River, Chapleau, and Timmins, and around Temiskaming Shores. A few areas show a moderate fire hazard, including the southeast portion of Manitoulin Island and areas south of Huntsville and Haliburton.

Safety Advisories

  • Waterbombers: Stay clear of waterbombers. When they approach a body of water, move close to the shore so they can scoop safely. Encroaching watercraft pose safety hazards, and waterbombers will not scoop if it’s unsafe.
  • Drones: Flying drones near forest fires is dangerous and illegal. Drones can endanger pilots, firefighters, and emergency personnel. Be safe and keep drones away from forest fires.

Reporting Wildfires

  • North of the French and Mattawa Rivers: Dial 310-FIRE.
  • South of the French and Mattawa Rivers: Dial 9-1-1.
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