Weekend Weather Outlook for Kenora and Lake of the Woods for April 13-14 2024

Kenora Market Square
Kenora Market Square

This weekend in Kenora and the Lake of the Woods area begins with mostly cloudy skies and a chilly start, as observed at Kenora Airport early this morning. The forecast promises a varied mix of sun and clouds with occasional chances of showers, transitioning into clearer skies and warmer temperatures as the weekend progresses.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions

At 5:00 AM CDT, Kenora is experiencing mostly cloudy conditions with a temperature of 2.3°C. The pressure stands at 101.5 kPa but is falling. Humidity is at 66%, with a dew point of -3.5°C.

Southeast winds are mild at 13 km/h but will increase to 20 km/h, gusting to 40 km/h later this morning. Visibility remains good at 32 km.

Expected Conditions

Saturday, April 13: The day will see a mix of sun and cloud with a 40% chance of showers late this morning and early afternoon. The temperature will rise significantly to a high of 15°C, though the morning wind chill will make it feel like -7.

The UV index is moderate at 4. Winds will lighten by this afternoon. Tonight, expect only a few clouds with a low of +2°C.

Sunday, April 14: Morning clouds will give way to clear skies. Winds will shift to the northwest at 20 km/h in the afternoon. The high will be a pleasant 14°C with a moderate UV index of 4. The night will remain clear with a low of +2°C.

Monday, April 15: Full sunshine is expected, boosting temperatures to a high of 17°C. Nighttime will bring cloudy periods with a mild low of 7°C.

Tuesday, April 16: The week begins with cloudy skies and a 40% chance of showers. High temperatures will maintain at 14°C. Rain is expected during the night with a steady low of 7°C.

Wardrobe Recommendations

With temperatures rising throughout the weekend, light layers that can be adjusted for warmer afternoons are ideal. Waterproof gear may be necessary today with the chance of showers. As the days grow warmer and sunnier, lighter attire is suitable, but always be prepared for cooler evenings near the lake.

Weather Trivia

Did you know? Kenora’s unique position near the Lake of the Woods greatly influences its local weather, often creating microclimates that can differ significantly from surrounding regions.

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