How Eduard Khemchan Turned Hardship Into Entrepreneurial Success


Eduard Khemchan learned from a young age that hard work and the responsibility that comes from it can help shape a person’s future. He witnessed this firsthand as he grew up in Georgia with a family of seven, during which he watched his father’s dedication to photography provide for his family. After moving to the US at the age of twelve, seeing his father’s tremendous work ethic inspired Khemchan to start his financial journey at thirteen, during which he delivered newspapers in Oregon by night. He ultimately took up two jobs by age fifteen, proving to those around him that he strived for success.

Khemchan’s journey isn’t an overnight success, however. Though he had already founded his own company in the construction world by age 21, he did not limit himself solely to the world of construction. Instead, he ventured into the world of stocks, exploring options trading and Forex. From 1996 to 2001, he found that he had not just mastered these business areas but found success due to them. His abilities to adapt to these ever-changing landscapes proved to others that his business acumen was not just the result of luck but of knowledge and hard work.

The challenges Khemchan faced during these times helped shape his career. With an evolving perspective on the matter that influenced the development of his character, he used these qualities in a way that benefited rather than deterred him and ultimately developed a passion and understanding toward the plights of others. This eventually led him to humanitarian work through various acts of philanthropy. He firmly believed that giving back to the less fortunate would help those in his immediate vicinity and those greater distances from him.

Khemchan’s entrepreneurship has carried him to new heights throughout his life, and his business strategies have helped him significantly transform financial technology’s technological landscape. His company is known for its approaches to crowdfunding and smart contracts, those of which offer its members a wide range of financial benefits. Through this unyielding leadership and business talent, Khemchan’s company has worked to help pave the way for fresh financial solutions.

Now a West Linn, Oregon resident, Eduard Khemchan lives a life in part inspired by his father’s unwavering dedication to his work and family. Khemchan’s journey—starting from what many would call humble beginnings—proves that being resilient can help one overcome many obstacles and create a financial future that then helps not just oneself but the world around them. His desire to positively impact the world shows that success is not just about gaining wealth for an individual but about helping others who may not be as fortunate. Contributing to the greater good is, in the end, a goal of Eduard Khemchan—and by utilizing not just his dedication but the memory of his father, he has created success and wealth for himself and the world around him.

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