Winnipeg Weather Outlook: Detailed Forecast for March 17-20, 2024

Winnipeg Manitoba

Winnipeg residents are experiencing light snowfall in the early hours of March 17, 2024, with the weather set to undergo several changes in the coming days. According to observations from Winnipeg Richardson International Airport, the city is preparing for a mix of sun and cloud, clearer skies, and a brief warm-up before temperatures dip again.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions
  • Temperature: -8.7°C
  • Condition: Light Snow
  • Pressure: 102.7 kPa, Rising
  • Humidity: 68%
  • Wind: N at 40 km/h
  • Wind Chill: -19
  • Visibility: 24 km

The strong northern wind significantly affects the felt temperature, emphasizing the need for warm clothing and caution while traveling.

Weather Forecast

Expected Conditions
  • Tonight: The skies remain mainly cloudy, with a 30 percent chance of evening flurries. Wind continues from the north at 40 km/h, gusting to 60 km/h. The low is expected to reach -12°C, with a wind chill making it feel like -21.
  • Sunday, March 17: A day of mixed sun and cloud awaits, with the north wind slightly easing to 30 km/h but still gusting to 50 km/h. Temperatures will peak at -5°C, but wind chills in the morning could feel as cold as -22°C, improving to -13°C in the afternoon. The UV index is low at 2. By night, skies will clear late in the evening, with winds dropping to 20 km/h and becoming light. Expect a low of -17°C, with wind chills dipping to -15°C in the evening and -24°C overnight.
  • Monday, March 18: The weather shifts to a mix of sun and cloud, with a notable high of +4°C, offering a brief respite from the cold. Nighttime will see cloudy periods, with temperatures falling to -9°C.
  • Tuesday, March 19: Another day of mixed sun and cloud is forecasted, with a high of -6°C. Clear skies are expected overnight, leading to a significant drop in temperature to -20°C.
  • Wednesday, March 20: The city will bask in sunny conditions, albeit with a chilly high of -11°C. Clear skies continue into the night, with temperatures plummeting to -22°C.

Wardrobe Recommendations

Prepare for fluctuating conditions by dressing in warm layers, especially in the mornings and evenings when wind chills are most severe. Waterproof and wind-resistant outerwear will be essential, alongside hats, gloves, and scarves, to protect against the brisk northern wind.

Weather Trivia

Winnipeg is known as the coldest city in Canada with a population over 600,000, showcasing a wide range of weather conditions throughout the year, from hot summers to very cold winters, often accompanied by significant wind chill factors that further accentuate the cold.

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