Thunder Bay Weather Outlook: Detailed Forecast for March 17-20, 2024

Weather Outlook Bullrushes

Thunder Bay is currently experiencing light snow, with weather conditions forecasted to vary over the next few days. According to the latest observations from Thunder Bay Airport at 5:00 AM EDT on Sunday, March 17, 2024, the region is preparing for a mix of cloudy skies, occasional flurries, and a return to sunny weather by mid-week.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions
  • Temperature: -7.7°C
  • Condition: Light Snow
  • Pressure: 101.0 kPa, Rising
  • Humidity: 61%
  • Wind: NW at 19 km/h, gusting to 32 km/h
  • Wind Chill: -15
  • Visibility: 24 km

The light snowfall and brisk northwest winds contribute to a noticeable wind chill, emphasizing the need for warm, layered clothing.

Weather Forecast

Expected Conditions
  • Today: Morning flurries will cease, leading to mainly cloudy skies with a 40 percent chance of additional flurries. Early morning local blowing snow is expected. The north wind will be strong at 30 km/h, gusting to 50 km/h. Temperatures will remain steady near -5°C, with wind chills of -16°C in the morning and -10°C in the afternoon. The UV index is low at 2.
  • Tonight: The skies will stay mainly cloudy, with a continuing 40 percent chance of flurries into the evening and after midnight. Winds from the north at 20 km/h, gusting to 40 km/h, will become lighter overnight. Expect a low of -9°C and a wind chill near -14°C.
  • Monday, March 18: The day will be mainly cloudy, with light winds up to 15 km/h and a high reaching 0°C. Morning wind chills could feel as cold as -14°C. The UV index remains low at 2. Nighttime will bring periods of snow, with temperatures dropping to -9°C.
  • Tuesday, March 19: A mix of sun and cloud is forecasted, along with a 60 percent chance of flurries and a high of +1°C. The night will clear, leading to a low of -17°C.
  • Wednesday, March 20: Sunny skies will dominate, with a high of -2°C. Clear conditions will continue into the night, with temperatures falling to -19°C.

Wardrobe Recommendations

With fluctuating temperatures and wind chill factors, dressing in layers is advisable. Ensure to include insulated and windproof jackets, gloves, hats, and scarves to protect against the cold, especially during early morning and late evening.

Weather Trivia

Thunder Bay’s geographical location, nestled by the Lake Superior, contributes to its unique weather patterns, often resulting in sudden weather changes and significant snowfall during winter months.

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