Sault Ste. Marie Weather Forecast for March 14, 2024: A Mix of Sunshine and Flurries Ahead

Weather Update Fall

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions

SAULT STE. MARIE – WEATHER – As of 5:50 AM EDT, the weather at Sault Ste. Marie Airport is mainly clear, with a slight chill in the air at -0.8°C. The pressure is rising, currently at 101.7 kPa, indicating stable weather conditions are on the horizon.

Despite the clear skies, humidity is at a full 100%, creating a saturated atmosphere.

A gentle breeze from the north-northwest at 5 km/h brings a slight wind chill, making it feel like -2°C. Visibility is excellent, reaching up to 32 kilometers, signaling a clear day ahead.

Tomorrow’s Forecast
Expected Conditions

Today promises mainly sunny skies for Sault Ste. Marie, with any lingering fog patches expected to dissipate this morning. Winds will shift to the northwest at 20 km/h later in the morning, pushing temperatures to a high of 6°C.

The UV index sits at a moderate 4, suggesting some protection from the sun is advisable when outdoors.

Tonight, the skies will remain clear, with cloudiness increasing late in the evening. The northwest wind will slow to a light breeze, and temperatures are expected to drop to a low of minus 4°C, with a wind chill reaching minus 8°C overnight.

Friday will begin with clearing skies in the morning, and winds will pick up speed, becoming northwest at 30 km/h around noon. The high for the day is forecasted at plus 4°C, but the wind chill in the morning could feel as cold as minus 9°C. The UV index will be moderate at 3.

The weekend brings a change, with Saturday expected to have rain showers or flurries and a high of plus 2°C. The night will be windy, with either flurries or rain showers, and temperatures dropping to minus 4°C.

Sunday continues with flurries and the added challenge of local blowing snow due to windy conditions, with a high of minus 2°C. The night forecasts cloudy skies with a 60 percent chance of flurries, with temperatures plunging to minus 10°C.

Wardrobe Recommendations

Given the mix of sunny days and chilly nights with a chance of flurries, it’s wise to dress in layers. Ensure you have a wind-resistant jacket for the windy conditions, especially on Sunday. A scarf, gloves, and a warm hat are also recommended for the cooler evenings and the windy, snowy conditions expected over the weekend.

Weather Trivia

Sault Ste. Marie, known as the “Gateway to the North,” has a climate characterized by its distinct seasons. The city’s geographical position on the St. Marys River between Lake Superior and Lake Huron contributes to its unique weather patterns, which can swiftly change from clear skies to snow flurries, especially during the transitional spring month of March.

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