Inclusivity Illuminated: The International Beauty Industry Awards Competition Is For Everyone

Artistry by Aqsa Khawaja of Canada, James DeMoss of California and Monique van Baal of Netherlands

In the beauty and fashion world, western influence and styles have unfairly dominated over less popular ones. However, to create new styles of art, sometimes you must push boundaries by embracing new looks, styles, and techniques. Founded on this principle, the International Beauty Industry Awards (IBI Awards) stands as an elite beauty competition in the field of makeup. It focuses on inclusivity, and transforming the beauty industry into a global stage for artists in all walks of life. Not only are the IBI Awards a celebration of talent, but it’s a movement that recognizes the profound impact of beauty artisans worldwide because of the ethos, the journey, and the distinctive features of the IBI awards.

A Global Canvas for Beauty Artistry

Founded on the principle that true artistry knows no borders, the IBI Awards have become a global platform for beauty artisans, honoring their skill, creativity, and dedication to the craft. With almost 50 diverse categories, the awards span a spectrum from everyday styles to avant-garde creations, providing a stage for artists to express their unique visions. The emphasis is not on the fame of clients or the size of social media followings but squarely on the talent that shapes the beauty industry.

Transparent Judging for an Unbiased Winner

One of the hallmarks of the IBI Awards is its commitment to fairness and inclusivity. The Independent Judging Council, consisting of international industry experts, meticulously assesses entries without access to identifying information, ensuring an unbiased playing field. The judging process is anonymous, focusing solely on criteria such as Visual Success, Technical Execution, Creativity & Concept, and Overall Impression. This dedication to fairness culminates in the very essence of the IBI Awards. Because of this, the IBI Awards stands as an independent entity, free from sponsors or brand influence to guarantee a transparent and unbiased selection of winners. This commitment to their artistic integrity sets the IBI Awards apart, making it a trusted symbol of recognition in the beauty industry.

Pioneering Inclusivity in Beauty Artistry

In an industry often associated with exclusivity, the IBI Awards redefine the narrative by championing people from all experience levels. Students and non-professionals find themselves welcomed on the same stage as seasoned artists, fostering a sense of community that goes beyond reputations and resumes. Moreover, the Reparative hair and makeup category is free, honoring contributions to healing journeys and showcasing the transformative power of beauty. From unbiased judging to an international community of beauty artisans, the IBI Awards are pioneering inclusivity in beauty artistry and have been called the ‘Oscars of the Beauty Industry’ for not only their prestige, but also because they host the best talent in the field of hair and makeup worldwide.

The IBI Awards—A Global Movement for Beauty Artistry

In the heart of the beauty industry, where trends come and go, the IBI Awards stands as a timeless celebration of artistry and inclusivity. As the world’s first truly global Beauty Artistry Award, the IBI Awards have not only changed the landscape of beauty competitions but it also become a source of inspiration for artists worldwide. The IBI Awards illuminates the path towards a more inclusive and diverse future for the beauty industry—one where talent knows no boundaries, and everyone is invited to shine on the global stage.

For more information about the IBI Awards and to explore the incredible world of beauty artistry, visit their official website here and follow them on Instagram @ibi_beautyawards.

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