Meta Quest, Apple Vision Pro and Co. – The Future of Gaming and Entertainment?

Meta Quest, Apple Vision Pro and Co. – The Future of Gaming and Entertainment?

It’s quite hard to avoid tech news these days. It seems that new devices are all around us, especially with the emergence of AI and VR. While artificial intelligence models are still experimental—not to mention illegal for commercial use in some states and countries—VR devices have passed all the checkmarks and are already live.

For example, you’ve probably already seen what the Apple Vision Pro device can do. Its interactive virtual reality platform overlays with reality in a way we could previously dream of. This is the stuff we’ve seen in sci-fi movies and video games, but it seems the technology is already here. And it’s not just Apple. Facebook has released two iterations of its VR Meta Quest device, showing that the world is gearing up toward a sci-fi-like future of gaming and entertainment.

A New Type of Entertainment

Every time technology makes progress, it’s met with criticism and disdain. That’s especially true for Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest, both of which have achieved something we believed impossible. They augment reality with virtual reality on top. Imagine having your Twitter feed or Facebook messenger pinned virtually to one of your walls while you sit with the device on your head? Now imagine scrolling it with your hands moving in the air?

Imagine accessing Daily Spins casino and spinning transparent slots via the Apple Vision Pro? Or playing a game of blackjack without going to a casino or buying an expensive table for home? The same goes for poker, baccarat, and any other type of game you find. Browsing casino and social websites without buying any additional devices justifies the Apple Vision Pro price point. That technology is expensive, and while it’s currently purely for entertainment, it opens the door for hypothetical uses in the future.

These devices almost feel like they come from the future. In reality, the technology has been in development for years, and this is the culmination. Such technologies should be revered – not a subject of controversy. We’ve finally reached a point where technologies look like those we’ve seen in many sci-fi movies from the past. Everyone’s been looking for such a thing, and now that it’s here, we should celebrate it.

The Meta Quest and Apple Vision Pro will kick things off for similar devices in the near future. Everyone will want a piece of it. Many of their features will be copied by other manufacturers. There’s no question that initially, this kind of equipment will be used for entertainment. It’ll change the way we interact with games, and how we interact with devices too. Mixed reality devices—how the media calls them now—are touted as the future and we’re not against it. There’s no question that these devices can reshape the world we live in. They can minimize errors, improve efficiency, and push process optimization to the limit. As they get better and better, their use cases will be even more impressive.

Consider them a reinvention of the portable computer. Smartphones have already reinvented it once, and mixed reality devices are the next step in this evolution. They are pricey right now, but the price will inevitably drop in the future.

How Much do They Cost?

The Apple Vision Pro is a big hit right now, and it’ll set you back $3,500. That’s an insane amount of money, even for a new technology. It’s safe to say that at the moment, it’s a gadget for the wealthy. But, considering all those TikTok videos and reviews online, it’s something that any tech lover will love to have in their hands (or on their head).

Compared to the Vision Pro, the Meta Quest VR device costs several times less at $499. Just like the Vision Pro, it transforms your home to so much more than mixed reality. In essence, these devices might replace certain gadgets like our smartphones or even TVs in the future. What’s the point of having one when you can watch TV via streams projected via the device anywhere in your room, or take calls? It makes such gadgets redundant. Of course, it will be years before the technology is perfected, but it’ll eventually get there.

According to some Apple Vision Pro reviews, it’s the most fun people have had in years. Certain apps are currently lacking. But, you can still interact with websites and social media feeds. Playing games such as slots has never been easier. You can also transport yourself to a mountain top or a tropical beach virtually and interact with your apps there. There’s no point in being sceptical about it. Reading text is sharp, videos look great, and there are other advanced features such as the screen shutting down when someone is talking and you’re directly looking at them. It’s technology redefined.

How Mixed Reality Devices Will Change the Future of Entertainment

With the ability to turn any space into a personal theatre—or gaming room—mixed reality devices are the next generation of entertainment. With them, you can watch movies or play games in 3D. The immersion is off the charts, completely reinventing the wheel when it comes to having fun.

And it’ll get better from here. Expect developers to shift their development to such games and entertainment media. In just a short time, we could have interactive maps on our tables that make things easier for travel or exploration. Such technology can and will make our lives easier. There will be bumps and challenges on the way, but this is just the beginning. The entertainment industry will be there to feed these devices with pitch-perfect media that will change our lives in the future.

It’s the dawn of a new era, and we shouldn’t be strict about the current prices or the technology itself. The only way is up from here. Expect to see more and more people flaunt their Vision Pro’s soon. It’s pricey, but it’s also new and exciting tech, so we better get used to it.

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