Winnipeg’s Week Ahead: Sunny Skies with Chilly Mornings


Clear Conditions Prevail, Despite Jets’ Louis Riel Day NHL Setback

Winnipeg – WEATHER – In the early hours of February 20, 2024, Winnipeg records -9°C under clear skies, with a barometer reading of 101.5 kPa indicating a slight drop in pressure. The city’s humidity stands at 70%, and with WSW winds at 9 km/h, the wind chill deepens the cold to -14°C.

For hockey enthusiasts, the night before saw the Winnipeg Jets fall to the Calgary Flames with a score of 6-3, adding a chill of a different kind to the morning air.

Today’s Weather Highlights

Winnipeg is set to enjoy a sunny day, with winds picking up to 15 km/h and temperatures rising to a high of zero. The morning wind chill remains brisk at -14°C, with a low UV index of 1 suggesting minimal sunlight strength.

Tonight’s Forecast: The evening will see partly cloudy skies, with continued winds up to 15 km/h. Temperatures will drop to a low of -10°C, with the wind chill fluctuating from -8°C in the evening to -15°C overnight.

Midweek Outlook

Wednesday introduces a mix of sun and cloud, with light winds maintaining a cool air flow. Highs will reach -3°C, with wind chill values of -15°C in the morning improving slightly to -7°C by the afternoon. The UV index remains low.

The night promises clear skies and a low of -9°C, setting the stage for a chilly but starry evening.

Looking Ahead to Thursday and Friday

Thursday will continue the trend of sunny skies, with a high of -1°C and a clear night ahead, though temperatures will plummet to -17°C, marking the coldest night of the week.

Friday sees the return of the sun with a high of -9°C, aligning with the trend of clear but cold conditions. The night will be slightly warmer than the previous, with a low of -10°C under clear skies.

Words for Winnipeg Residents

While the Jets’ recent performance might have left hockey fans wanting, the weather in Winnipeg offers a brighter side with clear skies and sunshine throughout the week. Besides, there is more to life than hockey…. residents are advised to dress warmly, especially in the mornings and evenings, to combat the chilly wind chills.

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