Vermilion Bay and Dryden: Transitioning Weather – Fog Advisory Lifted


Anticipated Evening Rain Shifts to Snow Mix Overnight

DRYDEN – WEATHER – Residents of Vermilion Bay and Dryden are waking up to a change in weather as the fog advisory has been lifted, revealing cloudy skies and temperatures at 0°C. The barometer holds steady at 101.8 kPa, with humidity at a full 100%, creating a damp start to the day.

Winds from the east at 11 km/h will become stronger, reaching 20 km/h, contributing to the day’s chilly feel despite the overcast sky.

Today’s weather is characterized by overcast conditions with morning fog patches expected to dissipate. The temperature is set to reach a high of plus 3°C, with a low UV index, indicating minimal sunshine throughout the day.

The increase in wind speed may make outdoor activities feel cooler than the actual temperature suggests.

As evening sets in, the forecast anticipates periods of rain beginning and transitioning to a mix of rain and snow overnight.

This shift will maintain a relatively mild low of plus 1°C, but the mix of precipitation could lead to slippery conditions on roads and walkways, necessitating caution for those venturing out.

Looking ahead to Thursday, periods of rain will continue, with moments where the rain may mix with snow in the morning, keeping the high at a consistent plus 3°C.

This mix of precipitation highlights the unpredictable nature of this transitional weather period, requiring residents to prepare for wet and potentially icy conditions.

The weather takes another turn Thursday night, with periods of snow or rain expected, and temperatures dropping to a low of minus 3°C. This further drop in temperature suggests that any wet surfaces may freeze, increasing the risk of icy conditions into Friday morning.

For residents of Vermilion Bay and Dryden, the lifted fog advisory marks the beginning of a series of weather changes that will bring mixed precipitation and fluctuating temperatures.

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