Kenora Fog Advisory Lifted; Prepare for Rain and Snow Mix

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Evening to Bring Rain Transitioning to Snow Overnight

KENORA – WEATHER – In Kenora, residents wake to a lifted fog advisory and cloudy skies at 0°C. The barometer reads 101.7 kPa and is on a downward trend, signalling changing weather conditions.

High humidity at 98% and an east wind blowing at 10 km/h mark a damp and chilly start to the day.

The day’s forecast indicates cloudy conditions with fog patches from the morning expected to dissipate. Winds are shifting to the east, increasing to 20 km/h with gusts reaching up to 40 km/h, which could make for brisk conditions.

Despite the cloud cover, temperatures are predicted to climb to a high of plus 3°C, with a low UV index indicating minimal sun exposure.

As the evening approaches, Kenora is slated for periods of rain starting early, transitioning to a mix of rain and snow overnight.

This shift will be driven by a southeast wind maintaining a speed of 20 km/h, keeping the overnight low at a slightly positive plus 1°C. Such conditions suggest that roads and walkways may become slippery, urging residents to exercise caution during nighttime activities.

Looking ahead to Thursday, periods of rain are forecasted throughout the day, with rain at times mixing with snow during the morning hours. The temperature will hover around a high of plus 3°C, maintaining relatively mild conditions for this time of year but contributing to the unpredictability of surface conditions.

The night brings a further mix of precipitation, with periods of snow or rain expected and temperatures dropping to a low of minus 5°C. This fluctuation in weather patterns from rain to snow and the varying temperatures throughout the day and night will challenge Kenora’s residents to stay adaptable and prepared for slippery conditions and potential visibility issues on the roads.

Kenora’s weather forecast highlights the importance of staying informed about current weather conditions, especially during seasonal transitions that can bring unpredictable weather patterns.

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