Fort Frances February 5 Forecast: Foggy Start with Potential Afternoon Drizzle

Fog Advisory

Fort Frances Weather Alert: Fog Advisory Affects Early Commute

FORT FRANCES – WEATHER – Early risers in Fort Frances are greeted with a chilly 0°C as of 6:10 AM, under a persistent fog advisory that’s set to influence morning highway travel. The barometer indicates a slight drop at 102.4 kPa, while nearly saturated humidity levels at 99% and gentle SSE winds at 7 km/h envelop the town in mist.

Today’s Weather Dynamics

The day will unfold under cloudy skies, with a 30 percent chance of encountering drizzle later in the afternoon. A risk of freezing drizzle looms over the morning, urging residents to exercise caution.

Thankfully, the fog is expected to lift around noon, paving the way for a clearer and somewhat warmer day with highs reaching +5°C. Despite the gloom, the UV index remains low at 1.

Evening and Overnight Outlook

As night falls, the skies will part slightly to become partly cloudy. The winds will persist at up to 15 km/h, with temperatures dropping to a low of -3°C.

The expected wind chill could make it feel as cold as -7°C overnight, signalling a need for a warm sweater and windbreaker as choosen attire.

Looking Ahead to Tuesday

Tuesday, February 6th will see increasing cloudiness from the morning, with light winds up to 15 km/h maintaining a steady pace.

The temperature is set to rise again to a high of +5°C, although the morning wind chill will present a brisk start at -7°C. The UV index continues to stay low.

Tuesday Night Forecast

The night promises cloudier skies, with the mercury dipping slightly to a low of -1°C.

Fort Frances residents are advised to remain vigilant during the morning fog advisory and prepare for potentially slippery conditions. As the fog dissipates, the town can look forward to milder afternoons, though the nights remain cool. Stay updated with the latest weather forecasts to safely navigate through these changing conditions.

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