February 5 Forecast for Thunder Bay – Mild Temperatures Amidst Mainly Cloudy Skies

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Thunder Bay Morning Update: Calm Conditions with Potential Travel Impact Due to Surrounding Fog Advisories

Thunder Bay – WEATHER – As of 7:20 AM EST, Thunder Bay experiences a mild morning with temperatures at +1°C under mainly cloudy skies. The barometric pressure is on an upward trend at 102.3 kPa, indicating stable weather conditions with humidity levels at 91%. The absence of significant wind contributes to the calm start of the day.

Today’s Weather Outlook

Despite the tranquility within the city, travellers should note fog advisories in both the west and east, which may impact highway travel this morning. The day ahead promises cloudiness with a 30 percent chance of afternoon drizzle. The risk of freezing drizzle during the morning hours, coupled with dissipating fog patches, suggests a cautious approach for early commuters.

Light winds up to 15 km/h are expected, with temperatures reaching a high of +3°C. However, the morning wind chill might feel closer to -3°C, and the UV index remains low at 1.

Evening and Overnight Conditions

The cloud cover will persist into the evening, transitioning to a slightly cooler night with a forecasted low of -2°C.

Looking Ahead to Tuesday

Tuesday brings a potential mix of sun and cloud, with light winds continuing at up to 15 km/h. The daytime high is anticipated at +2°C, with a morning wind chill potentially dropping to -4°C. The UV index will stay low, reflecting minimal sun exposure. The night follows a similar pattern to Monday, with cloudy skies and temperatures holding steady at -2°C.

Residents and visitors in Thunder Bay should stay informed of the surrounding fog advisories and plan their travel accordingly, especially during the morning hours. As the day progresses, the mild and stable conditions present an opportunity to enjoy the early February weather, albeit with an eye on the sky for possible drizzle.

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