Winnipeg Weather Update: Chilly Temperatures with Light Snow and Possible Drizzle

It is now Winter yet and no there isn't snow Yet! Just an appetizer for the coming winter.

Current Weather Conditions and Short-Term Forecast

Today’s Outlook: Mainly Cloudy with Light Snow and Freezing Drizzle

As of the early morning hours of January 23, 2024, Winnipeg experiences a cold winter day with temperatures around -11°C at 6:00 AM CST. Light snow is falling, contributing to a wintry scene. The wind chill factor makes it feel even colder, around -16°C, due to the East-Southeast winds blowing at 10 km/h. The barometric pressure is noted at 102.7 kPa and is falling, indicating changing weather conditions.

The forecast for the day anticipates mainly cloudy skies with a 30 percent chance of light snow. Winds are expected to pick up, coming from the south at 30 km/h and gusting up to 50 km/h by noon. The high for the day is expected to be around -5°C, but the wind chill in the morning could make it feel as cold as -19°C, warming slightly to -12°C in the afternoon. The UV index remains low at 1.

Tonight’s Forecast: Continued Cloudiness with a Chance of Flurries

Tonight, Winnipeg can expect mainly cloudy skies with a 30 percent chance of flurries and a risk of freezing drizzle. The south winds will continue at 30 km/h, gusting to 50 km/h. Temperatures are forecasted to hover around -5°C throughout the night, with a wind chill near -13°C.

Tomorrow’s Weather: Cloudy with Mild Temperatures

On January 24, the city will see cloudy skies with a high of -1°C. The wind chill factor will be near -9°C, making it essential for residents to dress warmly. The night will remain cloudy with a low of -5°C.

Wardrobe Suggestions

Given the chilly temperatures and light snow, it’s recommended to dress in warm layers. A heavy winter coat, thermal inner-wear, gloves, a hat, and a scarf are advisable to stay comfortable. Waterproof boots are also recommended due to the potential for light snow and freezing drizzle.

Weather Trivia

Winnipeg has experienced some extreme weather conditions on this date in history. The coldest temperature recorded was a frigid -40°C in 1966, while the warmest was a mild 7.8°C in 1942. These historical extremes highlight the city’s diverse winter weather patterns.

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