Winnipeg’s Weather Outlook: Bracing for Chilly Days Ahead

HBC Winnipeg

Today’s Weather in Winnipeg

As of today, Winnipeg residents can expect a mix of sun and cloud with a 30% chance of light snow. The temperature is expected to reach a high of minus 13°C. However, the wind chill will make it feel significantly colder, dropping to minus 32°C in the morning and then slightly warming to minus 20°C in the afternoon. There’s a risk of frostbite due to these conditions, and the UV index is forecasted to be 1 or low.

Tonight’s Forecast

The temperature will drop further tonight to a low of minus 26°C. The skies will be partly cloudy with a 30% chance of light snow this evening. The wind chill is expected to be minus 22°C in the evening, worsening to minus 34°C overnight, again posing a risk of frostbite.

Weather Outlook for Tomorrow

On Saturday, January 20, Winnipeg will experience mainly sunny weather. However, it will be windy, with winds becoming south at 40 km/h and gusting to 60 km/h around noon. The high for the day is projected to be minus 17°C, with wind chills of minus 35°C in the morning and minus 30°C in the afternoon. The risk of frostbite remains, and the UV index is expected to stay low at 1.

Extended Forecast

  • Sunday, January 21: Cloudy with a 60% chance of flurries and a high of minus 11°C.
  • Monday, January 22: A mix of sun and cloud with a high of minus 14°C.
  • Tuesday, January 23: Continuing with a mix of sun and cloud, and a slightly warmer high of minus 6°C.

Normals and Records

  • Normal Highs and Lows: Max -13°C, Min -23°C.
  • Sunrise and Sunset Times: Sunrise at 8:18 CST, Sunset at 17:02 CST.

Wardrobe Suggestions

Due to the extremely cold temperatures and wind chills, it is essential to dress warmly. Layering clothing is advisable, along with a heavy winter coat, insulated boots, gloves or mittens, a warm hat, and a scarf to protect against the wind chill.

Weather Trivia

Did you know that on January 20, 1943, Winnipeg recorded its lowest temperature at a chilling -42.2°C? This is a stark reminder of the extreme weather conditions that can occur in this region.

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