Balancing Cultural Roots and Business Pursuits: Unveiling the Story of Susheel Mishra


Moving to a new country can be an interesting and daunting experience. For many Indians, the United States is a popular destination for education, career possibilities, and higher popularity of dwelling. The adventure of an Indian individual transferring to America may be challenging. However, it may be an existence-changing experience. One example of such an individual is the founder of Rangu Lal Carrier Inc., Susheel Mishra.

Susheel Mishra’s story is one of perseverance and dedication to his family’s legacy and cultural values while adapting to his new destination, the United States of America. Despite living across seven seas in the United States, he has kept his family’s trucking business, Rangu lal Carrier Inc., running in the name of his father. This demonstrates his commitment to keeping his father’s legacy alive and offering for his family in both India and the USA.

He was born on January 18th, 1991, in Uchcha Jhanjhari village in the Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh, India. In 2013, Mishra embarked on a journey across seven seas to pursue higher education in Chicago. Upon arriving in America, Mishra pursued a BBA degree and subsequently obtained his MBA from the prestigious University of Minnesota Twin City, located in Los Angeles, USA. He worked in several places, including Fairfield, Iowa, California, Las Vegas, and Ohio, to earn money for his studies. He completed his graduation in Business Finance Field.

The Commitment to Community and Culture

Aside from his business pursuits, Susheel Mishra has also called for himself inside the political and social sphere. He has been actively involved in religious functions, which shows his strong ties to his cultural roots. Additionally, he is an international social worker and chief patron of international human rights protection organizations in the United States. This reflects his determination to be a public provider and make a distinction in his community in India and the United States. He is passionate about creating change and making a difference.

Bridging the Gap: Connecting with His Indian Roots

Along with running his business, Susheel is also involved in social and religious work. He serves those in need through the Shri Rangu Lal Madhav Seva Trust. Through the Shri Rangu Lal Madhav Seva Trust, Mishra has been organizing the marriage of hundreds of poor girls, educating poor children, organizing big common dining functions, and providing services to poor people from time to time. Even after staying across seven seas, he remembers his country and actively helps Indians through social media. Susheel Mishra also supports the Bharatiya Janata Party and Hindu Yuva Vahini and Bajrang Dal as a high worker in the form of support of cow service.

Impact on Indian Society and Culture from Afar

Susheel Mishra is interested in astrology, horoscope, architecture, and expensive games and stones. He has a large collection of luxury cars. Mishra is very active on social media, where he has more than 136k followers, and he often raises issues related to public interest. Despite living in the US, he continues to help people in India and has been honored many times for his social work. Susheel has been honored many times in America and India due to his social work. His work has been praised by the government and celebrities from the film and sports world, one of whom is The Great Khali (Dilip Singh Rana).

In a nutshell, the story of Susheel Mishra serves as a testament to the trials and triumphs of being an Indian immigrant living in the United States. He continues to support people in India despite living in the US. Despite the challenges of balancing cultural values and business pursuits with a new way of life, it is indeed possible to achieve success and make a positive impact in one’s community. Mishra is positively impacting the world around him, and his contributions are being acknowledged and appreciated. Additionally, Mishra’s story underscores the importance of preserving one’s cultural heritage while adapting to a new environment and society in America.

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