Winnipeg Gearing up for Arctic Cold Blast With Dropping Temperatures

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Winnipeg Endures Bitter Cold: Ice Crystals and Harsh Wind Chills

Winnipeg – Weather – The city of Winnipeg is experiencing a sharp drop in temperatures, with a frigid -21°C accompanied by ice crystals reported at 5:30 AM CST. The day will see periods of light snow tapering off by the afternoon, giving way to mainly cloudy skies. However, the wind chill factor, contributed by northwest winds gusting from 30 km/h to 50 km/h, is intensifying the cold, expected to push temperatures down to a chilling -24°C in the afternoon.

Residents are advised to be cautious, as the risk of frostbite is high under these conditions.

Extreme Cold Continues into the Night: The evening doesn’t promise much respite, with partly cloudy conditions and persistent strong winds. Temperatures are expected to plummet further to -29°C, while wind chills could make it feel as cold as -42°C. Such extreme conditions can cause frostbite within minutes, and residents are urged to stay indoors if possible and ensure proper protection if going outside is necessary.

Sun, 14 Jan – A Frigid Day Ahead: Sunday will not bring any warmth, with a mix of sun and cloud throughout the day and temperatures struggling to rise above -24°C. The wind chill factor will continue to be a significant concern, potentially reaching -44°C in the morning and -38°C in the afternoon. Once again, the risk of frostbite remains high, and precautions against cold exposure are essential.

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