Special Weather Statement: Winnipeg Braces for Impact: Alberta Clipper Approaches

Winter Weather Update

Light Snow Expected to Accumulate, Impacting Travel

WINNIPEG – WEATHER ALERT – As Winnipeg wakes up to a chilly Wednesday morning, a Special Weather Statement is in effect, heralding the arrival of an Alberta Clipper set to impact Southern Manitoba, particularly the Red River Valley. This weather phenomenon, known for its swift movement, is expected to bring a prolonged spell of light snow, potentially disrupting travel along major routes like the Trans-Canada Highway.

Weather Overview

  • Snowfall Predictions: The Alberta Clipper is forecasted to deposit up to 15 cm of snow over a 36-hour period, beginning Wednesday morning and extending into late Thursday evening.
  • Location and Impact: The focus of this system is on parts of the Red River Valley. Although the snowfall amounts may not hit the warning criteria, the continuous light snow over an extended period is significant enough to warrant attention.
  • Potential Travel Disruptions: This being the first notable snowfall of the season for many areas in the region, the accumulation is likely to impact travel. Roads may become increasingly difficult to navigate as the snow piles up, particularly on major highways such as the Trans-Canada.

Preparation and Safety Tips

  • Travel Plans: Motorists are advised to be prepared for winter driving conditions. It’s advisable to adjust travel plans accordingly and allow extra time for travel or to determine if highway travel is critical.
  • Stay Informed: Regularly check road conditions and weather updates. The Manitoba 511 service provides real-time travel information.
  • Winter Driving Kit: Ensure your vehicle is equipped with a winter driving kit, including items like a shovel, blanket, first-aid kit, and extra clothing.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Ensure your vehicle is winter-ready, with appropriate tires and all fluids topped up.

Winnipeg’s Winter Weather History

  • Alberta Clippers: These are common in the Canadian Prairies and are known for their rapid movement and potential to bring significant snowfall and brisk winds.
  • Winter in Winnipeg: Winnipeg is no stranger to challenging winter weather, with its residents well-versed in navigating snowy conditions.

Be Prepared and Stay Safe in Winnipeg’s Winter Wonderland!

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