January 7, 2024 Weather: Overcast and Chilly: Fort Frances Faces a Cold Winter Week

Weather Update Canadian Lynx in Snow

Today’s Forecast: Overcast Morning with Mild Winds

Morning Weather Report: A Chilly Start to the Day

Fort Frances experiences a chilly start at -12°C as of 7:00 am CST, under overcast skies. The wind will blow at up to 15 km/h, with the day’s high reaching -10°C. The wind chill will make it feel like -19°C this morning and slightly warmer at -13°C in the afternoon.

Tonight: Clouds Clearing Partially, Temperature Drops

Evening and Overnight Weather Conditions

The cloudy skies in Fort Frances will start to clear partly this evening. Winds will continue at up to 15 km/h. Temperatures will drop to a low of -19°C, with the wind chill making it feel like -14°C in the evening and -23°C overnight.

Monday, 8th January: Mainly Cloudy with Slight Warm-up

Day and Night Weather Patterns

Monday will be mainly cloudy, with winds continuing at 15 km/h. The high will be around -7°C, but the morning will feel colder with a wind chill of -23°C, improving to -10°C in the afternoon. The night will be cloudy with a 40% chance of flurries and a low of -17°C.

Tuesday, 9th January: Variable Cloudiness with Mild Cold

Steady Weather Conditions

Tuesday will bring a mix of sun and cloud, with a high of -11°C. The night will feature cloudy periods and a 30% chance of flurries, with temperatures dropping to -19°C.

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