Freezing Rain Warning Issued for Thunder Bay: Hazardous Ice Build-up Expected

Weather Warning

Thunder Bay Braces for Overnight Freezing Rain

THUNDER BAY – WEATHER ALERT – The NETNEWSLEDGER Weather Desk has issued a freezing rain warning for the City of Thunder Bay, effective from 4:08 PM EST on Monday, December 25, 2023.


  • The region is set to experience a prolonged period of freezing rain, leading to substantial ice build-up.
  • Expected ice accumulation is estimated between 5 to 10 mm.


  • Freezing rain is forecasted to begin overnight and will likely continue into Tuesday night.


  • The most significant ice build-up is anticipated over higher terrains, particularly in the areas of Intola, Stepstone, and Wild Goose.
  • The core of Thunder Bay might experience less severe freezing rain due to surface temperatures above freezing.
  • Regions receiving multiple rounds of freezing rain could see significant ice build-up.

Navigating Icy Conditions: Safety Tips

  • Residents are advised to exercise caution when walking or driving in affected areas.
  • Ensure to use sand or salt on walkways and driveways to mitigate slipperiness.
  • Prepare for potential power outages by keeping emergency kits accessible.

Weather Trivia: Freezing Rain in Urban Settings

Did you know that urban areas like Thunder Bay can experience varied impacts from freezing rain due to the urban heat island effect, which can result in higher surface temperatures in city centers compared to surrounding areas?

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