Whitesand and Armstrong: From Mild and Cloudy to a Sunny and Chilly Christmas

Winter Weather Update

Whitesand and Armstrong Weather Report – Saturday, December 23

ARMSTRONG – WEATHER – Residents of Whitesand and Armstrong can expect mild and cloudy conditions today.

Today: The day will be cloudy with fog patches dissipating in the morning. A relatively warm high of +4°C is anticipated for the day.

Tonight: The cloudy weather continues, with temperatures holding steady near a mild +5°C.

Wardrobe Suggestion: A lighter jacket might be enough for today’s warmer temperatures, but keep an umbrella handy for the evening.

Sunday, December 24 (Christmas Eve)

Christmas Eve will bring cloudy skies, with periods of rain beginning around noon. The temperature will remain steady near a mild +5°C.

Night: The evening is expected to be cloudy with a 70% chance of rain or snow, and temperatures will drop to a low of -11°C. A significant temperature change as the night progresses.

Wardrobe Suggestion: Dress in layers to adapt to the shifting temperatures throughout the day and night.

Monday, December 25 (Christmas Day)

A sunny Christmas Day awaits, with a high of -8°C. A clear and cooler day for holiday festivities.

Night: Expect clear skies with a low of -15°C. A cold and crisp Christmas night.

Weather Trivia: Did you know that sudden drops in temperature can lead to rapid changes in weather conditions, as seen in Whitesand and Armstrong’s forecast from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day?

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