Thunder Bay Forecast: Crisp Dawns and Cloudy Twilights Ahead!


THUNDER BAY – WEATHER – Stay ahead of the weather in Thunder Bay with our daily forecasts. From brisk mornings to the chance of evening flurries, we’ve got all the details you need. Check out our wardrobe recommendations to keep you warm and stylish, and don’t miss our fascinating weather trivia!

Thunder Bay is experiencing a cold -6°C early in the morning, with the temperature expected to rise to -1°C. The wind chill makes it feel more like -9°C, so if you’re up and about, be sure to layer up well.

Thursday (14th Dec) Noon to Afternoon: The sun shines brightly, but it’s accompanied by west winds at 30 km/h, gusting to 50 km/h. Despite a high of 8°C, the morning wind chill hovers around -5°C. It’s a day for a wind-resistant jacket and maybe a warm hat to guard against the breeze.

Thursday Evening to Night: Clear skies initially, but expect increasing cloudiness after midnight. The wind will calm down, and the temperature will settle at a low of +2°C. A lighter jacket might suffice for the evening.

Friday (15th Dec): Friday brings cloudy skies with a 60% chance of rain showers or flurries and a high of +2°C. Dress in layers that can be easily adjusted for the unpredictable mix of rain and snow.

Friday Night: The night remains cloudy as the temperature drops to -6°C. A good time to stay cozy indoors, or if you’re stepping out, make sure to wear a warm coat and perhaps a scarf.

Wardrobe Suggestions:

  • Early Morning: Heavy coat, gloves, and a warm hat.
  • Thursday Afternoon: Windproof jacket with a comfortable sweater.
  • Evening/Night: Light jacket suitable for milder temperatures.
  • Friday: Layers with a waterproof outer layer, just in case.

Weather Trivia:

Thunder Bay’s weather can change quite rapidly due to its location by Lake Superior. This great lake significantly influences local weather patterns, often leading to unexpected shifts!

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