An Interview with Dr. Henry Cabrera of Lavender Waves Farm – An Enchanting Escape in Rhode Island

An Interview with Dr. Henry Cabrera of Lavender Waves Farm - An Enchanting Escape in Rhode Island

Tucked away in the picturesque landscapes of Rhode Island, Lavender Waves Farm stands as a beacon of rural charm and ecological diversity. Founded and nurtured by Dr. Henry Cabrera, this farm transcends the conventional boundaries of agriculture, merging the enchanting beauty of lavender fields with the exotic allure of rare camels. It’s a place where history, nature, and human ingenuity converge to create a uniquely tranquil and luxurious experience. In this detailed interview, Dr. Cabrera delves into the intricate workings of his farm, revealing the passion and perseverance behind this extraordinary endeavor.

Dr. Cabrera, your camels are quite a unique story. Could you share more about them?

Absolutely. Our farm is home to five camels, including the only privately held ones in Rhode Island. Jack, Bingham, and Humphrey have become an integral part of our farm. These gentle giants, with their unique dietary habits and care requirements, have not only enhanced the biodiversity of our farm but also become a central attraction for visitors.

And the lavender farm, how did this chapter begin?

Our lavender field’s story is rooted in the rich agricultural history of Gatewood Farm. Transforming it into a lavender haven was a dream realized with hard work and dedication. Today, the farm stands as a symbol of agricultural revival, offering a peaceful escape amidst the aromatic waves of lavender.

Can you describe the workforce and maintenance aspects of the farm?

The team size varies, but everyone shares a common goal: maintaining the farm’s beauty and functionality. From animal care to lavender pruning, every task is crucial. We ensure that the farm remains a vibrant and well-cared-for haven throughout the year.

How many visitors does Lavender Waves Farm attract annually?

We welcome about 2,500 visitors each year. It’s a joy to see people relish the tranquility and beauty of our farm, making it a popular destination for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

What are some features of the farm that you hold dear?

My personal favorites include our animals, especially our camels Dolly Llama and Humphrey. The meticulously designed entrance path and the wagon also add to the farm’s rustic charm, leading visitors gently into the heart of our lavender fields.

Your AirBnB sounds fascinating. Could you tell us more?

The suite is a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern luxury. With its reclaimed wood and unique design, it offers guests a tranquil and upscale stay. The views of the lavender field add to the suite’s enchanting appeal.

Lastly, what events can be hosted at the farm?

The farm is available for picnics, photoshoots, and private visits through our membership packages. These offerings allow guests to immerse themselves in the farm’s serene environment.

Lavender Waves Farm, under the stewardship of Dr. Henry Cabrera, represents an idyllic fusion of traditional farming with modern agritourism. Its unique combination of lavender cultivation and exotic wildlife care makes it a standout destination. As it continues to evolve, the farm promises to offer an ever-enriching experience to visitors, embodying the essence of rural elegance and natural splendor. Dr. Cabrera’s vision and efforts are a testament to the enduring allure of nature’s bounty, harmoniously intertwined with human creativity and care.

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