Record-Breaking Rise in Food Bank Usage as Ontarians Battle Hunger Amidst Economic Hardships

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Unprecedented Surge in Food Bank Visits Highlights Growing Hunger Crisis in Ontario

TORONTO – In a startling revelation by Feed Ontario, the 2023 Hunger Report discloses a dramatic surge in food bank usage, surpassing any previous records. Over 800,000 individuals sought emergency food support last year, marking a staggering 38% increase from the previous year, and the highest year-on-year rise ever noted in Ontario’s food bank history.

A Disturbing Trend: First-Time Visitors and Continuous Growth

The report underscores a worrying trend: an influx of first-time food bank visitors, constituting two out of every five people. This represents a 41% increase compared to the previous year. The data also shows a consistent rise in food bank usage over the past seven years, fueled by factors like precarious employment, weakened social support programs, and inadequate affordable housing.

The Cost of Living Crisis: A Catalyst for Increasing Food Insecurity

Carolyn Stewart, CEO of Feed Ontario, highlights the paradox of low unemployment rates failing to alleviate poverty. “Despite a drop in unemployment rates, working Ontarians are struggling to cope with the soaring cost of living,” she explains. More than one in six food bank visitors now rely on employment as their primary income source, yet find themselves unable to meet basic needs, prompting increased reliance on food banks.

Housing and Income Insecurity: Core Issues Behind the Crisis

The report also sheds light on the persistent issue of inadequate social assistance, with recipients receiving over $1,300 below the poverty line. Moreover, the crisis in affordable housing exacerbates the problem, as many Ontarians are left with less than $100 monthly after covering housing costs. This scenario forces people to choose between basic necessities, leading to increased food bank dependence.

Challenges Facing Food Banks: Struggling to Meet the Surge in Demand

Feed Ontario’s report also delves into the struggles faced by food banks themselves. Originally intended as short-term emergency solutions, they are now grappling with unprecedented demand, insufficient resources, and fears of potential closures. This situation underscores the pressing need for long-term, sustainable solutions to address food insecurity and poverty.

A Call for Policy Change: Moving Beyond Food Banks

To combat this crisis, the report urges the Government of Ontario to take decisive action. This includes enhancing social assistance programs, investing in affordable housing, and fostering job creation with better labor laws. “Poverty is a policy choice,” Stewart asserts, stressing the need for governmental intervention to prevent hunger from becoming a normalized issue in Ontario.

2023 Hunger Report: Key Findings

  • All-Time High in Food Bank Use: For seven consecutive years, food bank use has escalated, reaching unprecedented levels in 2023.
  • Employment and Income Insecurity: Employment now serves as the primary income source for a significant portion of food bank users, reflecting the rise of precarious jobs.
  • Housing and Living Costs: The majority of food bank users struggle with unaffordable housing, contributing to their food insecurity.

A Glimpse into the Struggles of Low-Income Ontarians: ‘Fork in the Road’

Complementing the Hunger Report, Feed Ontario has introduced ‘Fork in the Road,’ an online tool simulating the difficult choices faced by low-income Ontarians. This interactive experience aims to raise awareness about the systemic issues trapping people in poverty.

About Feed Ontario

Feed Ontario, committed to eradicating poverty and hunger, collaborates with food banks, industry partners, and communities. The organization urges public support, emphasizing that every dollar raised translates to two meals for an Ontarian in need. For more information and to support their cause, visit

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