Multiple Incidents of Vandalism in Thunder Bay Lead to Arrests

Thunder Bay Police Service Unit

Sling Shot Mischief in North Core

Thunder Bay Police were alerted to several incidents involving bullet-like holes in windows across the city’s north core. Last night, a similar case at Marina Park Condominiums around 11:00 p.m. led to a breakthrough. Investigations concluded that the damage was caused by steel ball bearings launched from a slingshot.

Arrests and Charges

Utilizing video surveillance, police were able to quickly identify and apprehend four youths, aged between 14 and 17, on Red River Road. They face three counts of mischief each and are scheduled for a court appearance today.

Seeking Further Information

Given the widespread damage, police suspect there may be more unreported cases. They urge anyone with damaged windows or relevant surveillance footage from the nights of November 15 or 16 to contact them at 807-684-1200. This will help assess the full impact of the youths’ actions.

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