Deciphering History: The JFK Assassination Files Revisited


Thunder Bay – Analysis – The assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 remains one of the most intriguing mysteries in American history. The recent release of previously classified documents has rekindled interest in this event, offering new insights while also revitalizing long-standing conspiracy theories.

Heading into the 60th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, NetNewsLedger will look at this sad incident in history with a series of articles on the murder of President Kennedy.

For many people, even today, the murder of the President was a defining moment in history. People remembered where they were when they found out about the death of President Kennedy.

This first article delves into the latest developments and explores the well-known conspiracy theories, including perspectives from the Zapruder film.

Recent Developments in JFK Files

Presidential Actions for Transparency

In a concerted effort to shed more light on JFK’s assassination, Presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden have played pivotal roles in declassifying documents related to this historical event. This move aims to provide greater transparency and potentially answer longstanding questions.

What’s in the New Documents?

The latest batch of released documents, numbering over 2,600, come from various government agencies, including the CIA and FBI. These documents offer insights into various aspects of the assassination and the events leading up to it. However, not all information is available for public viewing, with approximately 4,684 documents still fully or partially classified.

Revelations and Lingering Mysteries

Closer Look at Lee Harvey Oswald

The newly released files provide more details on Lee Harvey Oswald, notably his interactions and communications that were under CIA surveillance. Information about Oswald’s expressed intentions to harm Kennedy, and the CIA’s awareness of it, raises questions about whether the assassination could have been averted.

Continuation of Secrecy

The ongoing secrecy, with many documents still under wraps, fuels speculation and conspiracy theories, suggesting that there might be more to the assassination story than what is publicly known.

Adding Pieces to the Puzzle

The release has brought new information to the forefront, like the involvement of CIA agent Reuben Efron in monitoring Oswald. These details add complexity to the existing narrative of the assassination.

The Persistence of Conspiracy Theories

Exploring Different Theories

The recent disclosures have breathed new life into various conspiracy theories. These range from the involvement of multiple shooters to theories about the roles of government agencies like the CIA and FBI, and even organized crime.

The Grassy Knoll and Zapruder Film

A key theory, supported by the Zapruder film – a home movie shot by Abraham Zapruder that captured the assassination – suggests a second shooter was present on a grassy knoll near Dealey Plaza. Proponents believe the film shows Kennedy reacting to shots from a direction different from the Texas School Book Depository, where Oswald was located.

The Magic Bullet Controversy

The Warren Commission’s conclusion that a single bullet caused multiple injuries to Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally is known as the “magic bullet” theory. Critics argue that the bullet’s trajectory and relatively undamaged condition are implausible, fuelling doubts about the lone gunman theory.


Despite the Warren Commission’s findings, the assassination of President Kennedy remains shrouded in mystery. Theories surrounding additional shooters, government involvement, and the perplexing “magic bullet” theory continue to provoke debate and skepticism, underscoring the complexities and uncertainties of this historic event.

Further Reading and Sources

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  2. Analysis of the “Magic Bullet” Theory
  3. Lee Harvey Oswald: Profile and Investigation

For those seeking deeper insights into the official findings, controversies, and ongoing debates surrounding this pivotal moment in history, these resources are invaluable.

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