Thunder Bay Weather Brief: Crisp Morning with Expected Overnight Snow

Storm Tracker Weather Update

Thunder Bay is facing a chilly morning with a biting wind chill, urging residents to don gloves and layered clothing, while snowfall is anticipated overnight, leading into a milder and potentially wet Wednesday.

Heading out this morning, City crews are sanding sidewalks, but the snow over the past 12 hours has left side streets and sidewalks with a coat of ice and it is slippery.

Detailed Forecast:


  • Atmosphere: Sun and clouds dance across the sky, offering breaks of warmth.
  • Wind: A northern wind at 20 km/h will settle down by morning.
  • High Temperature: Just above freezing at +1°C.
  • Wind Chill: A sharp -9°C in the morning, necessitating warm gloves.
  • UV Index: Low, at a value of 1.

Wardrobe Recommendations:

  • Insulation: Thermal layers to fend off the morning chill.
  • Hand Protection: Gloves are essential for comfort.


  • Sky: Cloud cover thickens, ushering in snow after dark.
  • Snowfall: Expected accumulations of 2 to 4 cm.
  • Wind: Shifting southeast, ramping up to 50 km/h gusts.
  • Temperature: Holding steady around +1°C.

Looking Ahead – Wednesday, 8 Nov:

  • Conditions: Morning snow gives way to potential rain showers or drizzle.
  • Additional Snow: A light topping of 2 cm before precipitation changes.
  • Wind: Southeastern breezes ease by late morning.
  • High Temperature: A noticeably warmer +5°C.
  • UV Index: Remaining low.

For the citizens of Thunder Bay, it’s important to prepare for a brisk start and secure warm attire to combat the day’s early frostiness. As the night approaches, the forecasted snowfall suggests a cautious approach for nocturnal commuters. The following day promises a slight thaw, with snow likely transitioning to rain or drizzle, hinting at a possibly damp but milder environment.

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