Wintery Mix on Horizon for Thunder Bay: Snow, Rain, and Fog Forecast

Sunrise Thunder Bay Ontario
Good morning, Thunder Bay!

Transitioning Weather Pattern Set to Affect Thunder Bay Starting This Afternoon through Monday


Thunder Bay is set for a diverse range of weather conditions starting this afternoon, transitioning from snow to rain with fog patches developing overnight. The changing weather pattern can pose challenges to commuters and outdoor activities. Residents are advised to remain cautious, especially on the roads, and to stay updated with the latest weather forecasts.

Detailed Forecast:


  • Current Temperature: -8°C as of 7:00 am EST.
  • Sky Condition: Cloudy with periods of snow initiating this afternoon.
  • Precipitation: Snow accumulation of about 2 cm expected.
  • Temperature: High reaching up to +1°C.
  • Wind: Picking up to southeast 30 km/h in the afternoon.
  • Wind Chill: -11°C this morning.
  • UV Index: Low (1).


  • Precipitation: Transition from snow mixed with rain to rain, with fog patches likely overnight. Rainfall accumulation between 10 to 20 mm.
  • Temperature: Steady at +1°C.
  • Wind: Southeast at 20 km/h, gusting up to 40 km/h.

Monday, Nov 6:

  • Precipitation: Shifting from rain to light snow late in the morning.
  • Temperature: High of +3°C, with temperatures dipping to -1°C in the afternoon.
  • Wind: Up to 15 km/h.
  • Wind Chill: -6°C in the afternoon.
  • UV Index: Low (1).

Wardrobe Suggestions:

  • Waterproof Footwear: Suitable for both snow and rain conditions.
  • Layered Clothing: To accommodate the fluctuating temperatures.
  • Waterproof and Insulated Jacket: To stay warm and dry amidst snow and rain.
  • Warm Hat and Gloves: Essential for the chilly morning and evening hours.


  • Driving Safety: Anticipate slippery roads with changing precipitation types and reduced visibility due to fog.
  • Update on Weather Forecasts: Stay updated with the latest weather forecasts to plan your day accordingly.
  • Time Change: Reminder to adjust clocks as daylight savings time has ended.

Preparedness and staying updated on the latest weather forecasts are crucial for navigating the fluctuating weather conditions safely in Thunder Bay over the next couple of days.

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