COVID-19 Lingers: Staying Vigilant and Safer Post-Pandemic

COVID-19 Testing

In a world eager to regain normalcy post-pandemic, the District of Thunder Bay serves as a reminder that the COVID-19 virus has not vanished. The Thunder Bay District Health Unit continues to provide updates on respiratory and COVID-19 outbreaks, illustrating the virus’s lingering presence. As of October 30, 2023, 40 individuals were hospitalized due to COVID-19, with two in intensive care. Amidst this, the city has broadened its flu and COVID-19 vaccine campaigns to the general populace.

It is not fear-mongering or propaganda to report on the continued presence of COVID-19 in the district. There are, of course, many who are COVID-weary, and even some who believe the pandemic and vaccine were all some government or global conspiracy. That is not something to debate here.

In reporting on COVID-19 our goal is keeping you informed with facts so you can make your decisions for your family.

Understanding Persistence of COVID-19

Despite the world transitioning into a post-pandemic phase, it’s crucial to acknowledge the continuing existence of COVID-19, especially when outbreaks occur. Thunder Bay’s ongoing COVID-19 scenario is a testament to this reality. This persistent situation underscores the importance of adopting preventive measures and staying informed about local health advisories.

A few weeks ago, the host of The Late Show Stephen Colbert was afflicted with COVID-19.

Staying Safe in Thunder Bay

In light of the ongoing situation, residents are encouraged to stay abreast of the latest health advisories and follow recommended safety protocols. The Thunder Bay District Health Unit has made it easier for locals to stay updated on respiratory and COVID-19 outbreaks in the district through their regular updates.

Vaccination: Your Protective Shield

On October 30, 2023, the vaccination drive against flu and COVID-19 was extended to the general public, allowing anyone aged six months and above who resides, works, or studies in Ontario to get vaccinated. Vaccination avenues are diverse – local pharmacies, healthcare providers, and special vaccine clinics at the CLE grounds in Thunder Bay are among the options available.

Getting vaccinated in the Thunder Bay area has been made simpler. Many pharmacies are now offering flu vaccines, with some also providing the COVID-19 vaccine. Health care providers may also provide either or both vaccines. Moreover, the TBDHU is facilitating vaccinations through appointments at a vaccine clinic located at the CLE grounds in Thunder Bay. Appointments can be scheduled either through the Provincial Booking System or by calling 1-833-943-3900. Special provisions have been made for children aged 6 months to 2 years, along with their family members and guardians, to get their flu vaccines as walk-ins. Further details on clinic hours can be found on the TBDHU website.

For those residing in District communities, checking in with healthcare providers or local pharmacies for vaccine availability is advised. Additionally, the TBDHU has organized COVID-19 vaccine clinics in District communities, with information regarding dates, times, and locations available on their website. Appointments for these clinics can also be made through the Provincial Booking System or by calling the aforementioned number.

Family Safety Measures

While getting vaccinated is a crucial step in protecting oneself and the community, adhering to other simple safety measures is equally important. These include:

  • Maintaining Good Hygiene: Regular hand washing, using hand sanitizers, and practicing good respiratory hygiene can significantly reduce the risk of infection.
  • Wearing Masks: Especially in crowded or enclosed spaces, wearing masks can help prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Social Distancing: Maintaining a safe distance from others, particularly in crowded areas, can also be a good practice to minimize exposure.
  • Staying Informed: Regularly checking local health advisories and adhering to guidelines is essential to ensuring the safety of oneself and the community.

This collective vigilance will not only help keep families safe but will also significantly contribute to keeping the community safer. By taking these simple yet effective steps, individuals and families in Thunder Bay and beyond can continue to protect themselves and others as we navigate the lingering effects of COVID-19 in a post-pandemic world.

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