Snowfall Warning for Highway 17 From Ignace to Dryden in Effect

Snowfall Warning

Up to 20 Centimetres of Snow Possible

DRYDEN – WEATHER – The weather is about to take a dramatic shift from fall to winter. Environment Canada has issued a Snowfall Warning for several regions of Western and Northern Ontario.

Regions Under Warning: The advisory encompasses the areas of Dryden to Ignace, signalling the onset of the autumn’s first notable snowfall tonight and extending into Friday.

Snowfall Magnitude: A substantial snowfall of 10 to 20 cm is projected, marking a significant weather shift.

Timeline of Events: The snowfall is set to commence tonight and persist through Friday afternoon, potentially extending into the evening.

Snowfall Dynamics: Following light snow showers tapering off today, a heavier bout of snow is anticipated to sweep over the region by evening, lasting into the next day. This snowfall is expected to transition to flurries by Friday afternoon or evening.

Uncertainty and Varied Impacts: The exact areas destined for the heaviest snowfall remain uncertain. Along Highway 17, there’s a chance of snow mingling with ice pellets, possibly leading to reduced snow accumulations in some locales.

Travel Advisory: The rapid snow accumulation could significantly hamper travel across certain areas, making journeys challenging. The snow, coupled with potential ice pellet mix, advises extra caution for travelers.

Wardrobe and Vehicle Preparedness: Dressing warmly in layers and ensuring vehicles are winter-ready with a well-equipped emergency kit is crucial. This kit should include essentials like a snow shovel, ice scraper, flashlight, first-aid kit, warm blankets, and non-perishable food and water.

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