Snowfall Warning Encompasses Sioux Lookout and Pickle Lake: Anticipated Travel and Aviation Disruptions Possible

snowfall warning

SIOUX LOOKOUT – WEATHERWeather Alert: Environment Canada has issued a snowfall warning for Sioux Lookout and Pickle Lake, marking the arrival of the autumn’s first significant snowfall tonight and extending into Friday.

Potential Snowfall: Forecasters anticipate snow accumulations ranging between 10 to 20 centimetres which could potentially hamper travel and possibly aviation operations in both Pickle Lake and Sioux Lookout.

Timeline of Snowfall: The significant snowfall is set to commence tonight, continuing through Friday afternoon, eventually tapering off to flurries later in the day or evening.

Snowfall Dissipation: Following the tapering off of light snow today, a heavier snowfall is expected to envelop the region by evening, persisting into Friday.

Uncertain Impact Zones: The precise regions destined for the heaviest snowfall remain uncertain. Additionally, snow mingling with ice pellets, particularly near Highway 17, may lead to reduced snow accumulations in some areas.

Travel and Aviation Advisory: The rapidly accumulating snow could pose challenges for travellers on road and potentially impact aviation. Travellers are advised to check with airlines if flying is part of their Friday’s agenda. For travel on area highways, if you can postpone travel it is likely worth considering.

Preparedness Recommendations: Before heading out, ensure you’re dressed warmly in layers and have confirmed travel arrangements, especially if flying. For those driving, a well-stocked vehicle safety kit can provide invaluable aid in case of emergencies on snowy roads.

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