Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces Share Insights on al-Ahli Hospital Incident

Escalation in Gaza
Escalation in Gaza is seeing more dead and more reaction from International leaders

Canadian Authorities Exonerate Israel in Recent Gaza Hospital Strike

OTTAWA – NEWS – In light of the tragic event that unfolded at al-Ahli hospital in Gaza on October 17, 2023, a thorough analysis has been carried out by the Canadian Forces Intelligence Command (CFINTCOM). The investigation was spearheaded following a directive from the Prime Minister, tasking the Honourable Bill Blair, the Minister of National Defence, to delve into the incident.

Investigation Findings

The rigorous examination, which integrated both open-source and classified data, has led to a significant revelation. Contrary to initial conjectures, the evidence strongly suggests that the strike on the hospital was not the act of Israeli forces. Instead, it appears to have been an errant rocket launched from Gaza. This conclusion was drawn after a meticulous assessment of the blast damage within and around the hospital premises, coupled with an evaluation of the munition’s flight pattern.

International Corroboration

The findings of the investigation are in alignment with reports from Canada’s allied nations, further strengthening the narrative that Israel was not behind the attack. This international corroboration underscores the thoroughness and accuracy of the examination conducted by CFINTCOM.

Statement from Minister of National Defence

The Minister of National Defence, the Honourable Bill Blair, conveyed Canada’s profound sorrow for the lives lost in the tragic incident. He reiterated his sincere condolences to the bereaved and stated that the Prime Minister had been fully briefed on the findings of the investigation.

Minister Blair emphasized that the conclusions drawn are based on an independent review, shedding light on the actual circumstances surrounding the incident. The Canadian authorities will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as more information emerges.

Continued Engagement

The DND and CAF have pledged to remain engaged and keep the public informed as new details surface regarding the war in Gaza and its repercussions on civilian life. This incident underscores the volatile nature of the conflict and the necessity for accurate information amidst a complex and ongoing crisis.

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