Choosing the Most Reliable Garage Door

Garage Door (Source - Unsplash)
Garage Door (Source - Unsplash)

A garage door is not only a part of your house’s design and style. Like an entrance door, it is a key to the barrier between your house and potential intruders. According to recent statistics from Abell Garage Doors, invaders use garage doors in 9% of all cases. However, it is about 225,000 break-ins annually. That is why protecting your property and choosing a reliable garage door is important.

Main Security Features of a Garage Door

While older garage door models were manufactured with more weak points (for example, only one locking mechanism on the top of the door), modern models mostly adhere to safety standards. These are the main security features they come with

  • Multi-point lockers. Installing a single internal lock on the garage door is a rare practice nowadays. Usually, models come with at least two locking mechanisms with further customization options. In most cases, you may find a standard T-handle lock and a garage door defender installed from the outside. Advanced systems come with keyless systems with fingerprint readers, remote controls, and pin codes.
  • A pin tumbler lock. This simple-to-install but reliable system protects your internal space from intruders who decide to drill the main lock of a garage door.
  • Locking rods. Most modern models come with this option, which is much more reliable than previously used cables. They are a serious problem for invaders to bypass since they are made of solid steel (often with a galvanized finish).

Also, automated garages offer an advanced security level. Compared to manual variants, an opener motor keeps doors closed until using a remote control. Finally, the construction of the garage door panel plays the same serious role as the locking system or material the door is made of.

Side-Hinged Doors

This is one of the most popular yet old models available in the market. As the name suggests, they work thanks to hinged frames. They are made of steel or (most often) sturdy wood like oak, mahogany, or pine. Although some models look authentic, they may be automated and open by touching only one button. 

Also, modern options come with extra locks with up to 21 shoot bolts that secure the door to the frame. Another advantage of side-hinged doors is that you do not show everything you have inside to potential invaders who may watch you. Instead, you open only a small part of the doorway.

Up and Over Door

Earlier, this option showed an inferior level of protection. But everything changed since garage door companies decided to use other materials to manufacture them. Modern models are made of solid galvanized steel and feature a Euro cylinder locker with high-security bracing. Solid locking rods secure the door to the frame when a box section with chassis is designed with powerful lifting gear. 

Roller Door

It is another popular option because of its compact design and convenient installation. In this case, much depends on the quality of materials and mechanisms. For example, cheap models can be easily lifted up, while security straps may be pushed back and broken. In turn, high-quality roller doors come with the following security features:

  • Extruded guide channels;
  • Top materials as aluminum;
  • Anti-lift locking mechanism.

For better security, they often do not have handles. Modern models may be installed without a dedicated frame, complicating penetration through edges. 

Garage Door (Source - Unsplash)
(Source – Unsplash)

Sectional Door

This type of door is the most popular among all. This is clearly seen in the recent report. It shows that the section door market constantly grows and will probably reach the size of up to $8.6 billion by the end of 2031. Such doors are easy to install and maintain. Plus, they are not overpriced and cost from $2,500 to $3,500 on average. Their security features are other reasons why most garage owners decide to install them. 

First of all, they are the most sturdy. Hinges connect all horizontal sections in this door type. So when you open a door, hinges help sections to separate and roll overhead. This makes it difficult for invaders to find a handy point of attack. When closed, frames play the role of a tight seal that securely protects your garage from intruders. 

They can not stick something in between frames to try to break them or push them apart. Also, this option is one of the best in terms of customization, mounting additional locking systems, and installation. As for materials, you can find such doors made from timber, aluminum, and steel (the most popular option).

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