What Makes a Good Game? Looking at Ontario’s Best Casinos


Online casinos have taken big leaps forward in the last decade or so and there are now thousands of slot games out there to play. Each one has its own special features, themes, and bonuses that come with it and sometimes there’s a case of being spoilt for choice.

So, when you’re choosing a slot game to play in 2023, what should you be looking for?

Choosing Where To Play

Before you get to the games themselves, finding the right casino to sign up to is a critical step as it can have more impact on the games themselves than you might think. Each casino has its own lineup of titles as well as bonuses that connect to different games. Even the same casino in a different region can have different features, which is why it’s important to find an online casino local to you.

Source: Unsplash
Source: Unsplash

Thankfully, there are sites out there focused on each region that can list all the best casino sites along with all the key information about what makes each one good. For instance, if you’re looking for the best Ontario casinos, you can see all of their user reviews, payment options, sign-up bonuses, and everything else you’ll need to make a choice.

All The Features

Beyond the game library, the important things to look for include the bonuses they’re offering, both on sign-up and for loyalty, and how well their customer service stacks up in general. You should always check how many contact options they have, how fast they promise to respond, and how their current customers rate them. The best casinos tend to have multiple contact routes and at least one 24/7 messaging system in case of urgent questions

Customer service also includes any version of a VIP or loyalty system they have; these often come branded under different names but they can offer some nice extras to your play. In some cases, there are weekly or monthly rewards rather than any set loyalty scheme and these usually require a set deposit to be made in that time period

It’s also worth looking into what payment options they have as there are many that get used but they aren’t universal across sites. Almost all will accept major credit cards like Visa or Mastercard and most will take e-wallets, but you can also find plenty with alternative payment methods. Online casinos were some of the first to start and accept Bitcoin and other crypto payments but it’s good to know which ones your chosen casino will take.

The Key Features Of A Slot Game

Once you find your perfect casino, there are a few critical parts of any slot game that separate it from the others on offer. To start with, the number of reels and paylines can vary dramatically between each game, with the lines alone ranging from 10 to over 100,000 on each spin. Each game also has a volatility rating which tells you how often and how big the wins will be.

Low volatility means you can expect frequent small wins, while extreme volatility means that you may only get a handful of wins but they’re more likely to be big ones. The real math behind volatility is more complex than that but generally, the slots with extreme volatility are the ones tied to high-octane themes like Alcatraz or San Quentin from NoLimit City. On the other end, more classic-style slots are the ones that tend to have lower volatility.

Lastly, but most importantly, read up on what each game’s bonus feature is if it has one. The bonus feature experience is usually the main difference in the playing experience as these tend to be the most exciting and most entertaining parts of the slot. On this front, there’s no math or formula on it; go with what appeals to you most, whether that’s something more relaxed or something rocket-powered.

The most important thing to remember is that no matter what casino you use or what games you play on, keep everything fun and responsible. The mark of a great casino is that they’ll have systems in place to keep you safe and happy so make sure you use them if you ever need to

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