Severe Thunderstorm Alert: Hail and Heavy Rain Threat

Thunderstorm Warning

Issued at 3:49 AM EDT 23 September 2023

Environment Canada meteorologists are closely monitoring a severe thunderstorm with the potential to unleash nickel-sized hail and intense rainfall.

Storm Details:

This menacing thunderstorm is currently positioned from Chorus Lake to Mosher and is displaying slow movement.


Anticipate local rainfall accumulations of up to 50 mm in just one hour, accompanied by nickel-sized hail.

Areas Affected:

Communities in the path of this storm include Steel River Provincial Park, Manitouwadge, Chorus Lake, Kagiano Lake, Solann Lake, Michal Lake, Obakamiga Lake, Shekak Lake, Kabinakagami Lake, and Mosher.


Beware of potential hazards:

  • Flash Floods: Heavy downpours may trigger flash floods and water pooling on roadways.
  • Hail Damage: Nickel-sized hail can cause property damage and pose risks to personal safety.
  • Lightning Safety: Remember that lightning can be deadly. When thunder roars, seek shelter indoors to stay safe.

Stay vigilant, take precautions, and stay tuned for updates as this severe thunderstorm progresses.

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